Wednesday, October 26, 2011

22 things I { have } done

In my life, I HAVE...

1)  Hiked a glacier when I was five years old (or so I've been told).

2)  Been in a near fatal car accident.

3)  Carved some cool pumpkins, including Yoda and C3PO & R2-D2.

4)  Lived on both the East & West coasts.

5)  Started a chapter of the Young Astronauts Club at one of my schools & it promptly filled up with all boys.

6)  Once worn a full leg cast as an infant that would have fit inside the toe opening of the cast I wore when I was 21.

7)  Planned my own wedding and got married. (Turns out, I can throw a pretty good party!)

8)  Graduated college with honors.

9)  Handed my husband a pair of scissors and insisted that he cut my hair.  (My best friend now does the cutting for me...but, that's another story for another time!)

10) Played the piano, violin, and flute.

11) Had two beautiful babies, became a Mama, and felt my heart swell.

12) Found friends that have become sisters.

13) Volunteered as a kid and as an adult.

14) Been on a boat on a bayou, dipped my toes in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.

15) Watched the ponies swim the channel from Assateague to Chincoteague while on my grandfather's boat.

16) Woken up to said ponies in their front yard.  (They'd gotten out of their pen & were going for a stroll around the island!)

17) Been to Oakland A's & San Francisco Giants baseball games, a Seattle Seahawks & San Francisco 49'ers preseason game at the Stick, and a couple of minor league hockey games.

18) Learned how to be an advocate for my children, when they need it.

19) Had my heart broken.

20) Found strength in places I didn't know I had it after life altering events.

21) Tried new creative processes that scared or intimidated me before.

22) Found a way to incorporate rainbows into my everyday life.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Not sure what's in my water today or what happened to my scheduling, but this is my third post today (that has Never happened before!).  So, don't forget to check out my From Left to Write Book Club post: Michel LeRoux ~ Pacific Ocean ~ New Traditions and what's growing in my backyard, WW ~ An Apple Tree's Journey!


  1. What a great list! I love #6 - it's an interesting perspective.

  2. Lovely, creative, bold- that's how I see you, too!

    Also? The rainbows? Pure fab! :)

  3. Thanks for reminding me that YOU have wings, GF! It's a supreme pleasure for me to share SUCH a mind boggling journey with someone as AMAZING as you! xo!

  4. Wonder which coast you prefer? East or West? I would guess west. Hope your heart has healed.

    Stopping by from writers workshop.

  5. Great list. I have definitely had to do #18 as well, and I said almost the same thing as your #19 & 20 on my list!

  6. SO jealous you got to see those horses! I hear it's amazing!

  7. Awesome!! And, I had to laugh about your husband cutting your ARE a brave woman ;)
    I really love your list though :)

  8. The glacier sounds really cool! No pun intended. :)

  9. My son would LOVE those Star Wars pumpkins - awesome job! Great list!

  10. I totally want to take The Dudes to that pony place. I can never spell it our say it so I'm not even gonna try!

  11. I had no idea you had such awesome pumpkin carving skills! How did you break your leg?

  12. I think the one that stood out for me the most was the becoming an advocate for your children. So important! Bravo!

  13. Great list! You were brave to let your husband cut your hair. Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  14. I just love this! And #6 makes sense since you're always watching the sky for rainbows. ;)

  15. This is so fun! What a great way to look at life... very half full!

  16. Wow! You have done so many amazing things!


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