Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WW ~ An Apple Tree's Journey

Grafted Apple Tree

With only a few leaves to speak of, this grafted apple tree was transplanted from my Mom's into our yard over two years ago on June 1st, 2009.

Each one of its six branches will grow a different variety of apples.

It sat quietly in our backyard through 2010, while continuing to grow.

Budding Apple Tree

And in 2011, we began to see some action. We saw little pink buds begin to form on her branches.

Apple Blossoms

Those li'l pink buds bloomed into small white apple blossoms.

 Bees Grow our Garden

We have these guys to thank.

Can you see him?

 Backyard Bees

What we thought for years were weeds (because they grow like crazy, we never planted them, and no matter how many times we take 'em out, they come back), though we now know the little blue flowers my wee girl loves to make me bouquets from are Forget-Me-Nots, have attracted the local bees.

And those bees went to work!

All their pollinating grew us eight apples this year. An unknown wild critter got one. He must have stood on his hind legs to reach it, but we could book the apple eating thief from the teeth mark evidence he left behind.

And then...

Our First Apple 

...we got to pick our very first apple off our apple tree!

It doesn't get any more organic, farm to table, green, easy, or delish that this!  The kidlets shared this one for breakfast the morning we picked it.

And the other six? Their Dad turned that into a GFCF apple pie! While it turned out mighty delish, we're still fine tuning the recipe for that one. Hopefully, I'll have it to share closer to the holidays.

What's growing in your backyard (or on a balcony or inside your house if you are sans yard)?

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  1. That is amazing! It really grew and grew!

    I love the idea of trading in candy for a toy!

  2. Congrats! How exciting! I hope to be able to have a fruit tree in my back yard when we finally get one.

  3. YOUR photography is STUNNING! You SURE do have a GREEN thumb!

  4. I loved watching your apple tree grow in the course of your post and your apple looks mighty tasty! Good job Karen and Family! Looking forward to the pie recipe some time! :)

  5. OK
    A) Your photography is beautiful!
    B) That apple looks fabulously crunchy (my fave!)
    C) What a fun thing to do! I'd love to have some fruit trees in my yard. Maybe I wouldn't kill them.
    D) I love forget-me-nots! They're such happy little flowers!

    Thanks for linking up for #SundayFunday! I'm so stoked that it worked for you the FIRST time!

  6. That apple is gorgeous, I'm sure it was as tasty as it looked..


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