Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween pumpkins get their Jack-O-Lantern ON!

I'm sure you're sick of Halloween already, but I have one last post on the subject for you! 

We have a history here of having fun with the carving of our pumpkins each year.  I had hoped to share some more Halloween pumpkins' past, but after reloading drivers today, we've discovered our scanner has gone kerplunk, kaphooey, kaput!  And all the rest of our previous carved pumpkins are on film & print (aka not digital), so that will have to wait some more until I can make them one with the digital era. :>

And this year, we had some firsts!

This happy little pumpkin is wee girl's and she gutted her pumpkin & half of mine for the first time this year (which made her Dad really happy since he usually does the majority of the pumpkin gutting each year). 

And a few days before we had even gone to the pumpkin patch to carefully select each of our pumpkins, she had drawn & colored the pumpkin face that she wanted on her magical little pumpkin.  She brought her design to her Dad & he carved it for her.  Can I tell you she was so proud & excited to see her sweet happy pumpkin face design come to life when it was carved out?!

Now this Jack-O-Lantern is my boy's.  As I was prepping my pumpkin, he was carving his (another first....his first solo carving!) and said, "I'm carving an old fashioned from 1980. That's a long time ago!"  Oh my.

Hubby prefers 'scary' pumpkins & carved this face.....the slug crawling up the face likes it! lol  Hubs & I both like pumpkins with cool stems.  I forgot to get a lighter shot of mine, but I loved my stem...all curly with dried curly cues hanging from it.  Speaking of my pumpkin.....

Fun carving again, this year, I had!  (There's my feeble attempt at Yoda-ease!)  My hand hurt when I was done, but I was happy with the results.  What do you think??

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!  What's happening in your part of the world?


  1. So fabulous! Loved seeing your family's creations - my two youngest carved their own jack o lanterns this year, but I fear we may be nearing the end of this tradition. Oh - I need grandchildren!

  2. Love them!!!!!! Your Yoda is fabulous! My kids also are carving their own - I would say, safely, it's 3 years now? They are 11 and 12, and I am so happy to pass the torch!

    Happy fall day!

  3. oh... what wonderful pumpkins, karen! i especially love your wee girl's! that little face is soo sweet. no pumpkin carving here, though... i love them just the way they are!

  4. wow, these are ALL adorable pumpkins!!! Love 'em!!!! How awesome the whole family did one. hey' where's the cat's?? :)

  5. These pumpkins are awesome! They look great!

  6. LOVE the YODA!!! Strong work!

  7. Show off! HA HA HA I am a horrible pumpkins this year at all. DH just got back from being gone 2 months and, being can't put them out here or they turn to mush due to the temps! LOL

  8. Fabulous collection! Love the wee girl's, it's just too cute :) And your yoda pumpkin? Wowzers, Karen!

  9. Awesome it is, the pumpkin you carved! An award you deserve, yes!

    My boys would be so impressed! All of them are great - but I'm afraid yours stole the show!

  10. Those are just cool! Well done, the Yoda one was. ;-)

  11. AMAZING! You are one talented family and your pumpkin gutting skills are second to none!

    I have missed you sweet friend...I think of you often and I'm so thankful for your loyal friendship...I truly adore you and your sweet soul!! Thanks for ALWAYS being there.


  12. HELLOOOOOOOOOOO, love bug! It has been FAR too long, and OF COURSE, I don't EVER get sick of Halloween! YOU could post pumpkin pictures ALL year long and I would NEVER tire! I love these! LOVE that the whole family got busy this year! If only this art form wasn't so, so fleeting! {*Sob!*} Thank goodness for great pictures like these!

    P.S. YOU would have had a blue ribbon at the Harvest Fair with that Yoda! Seriously!!!! {Next YEAR!!! K?}

    Must have some good catch up, soon! xoxox!

  13. Your Yoda is kids would think I was a superstar if I could do that! I love pumpkins!


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