Thursday, October 6, 2011

21 Lightning Bolts

It's been raining the ol' proverbial cats and dogs for the last couple days here.  Yesterday, those heavy rain clouds, were ever so thoughtful and put a cork in it for the kindergartners' recesses...yes, both of them.

Though, even with a chance to run off excess energy, a rainy day effects a class of twenty-one five year olds in ways I had not experienced before.

I'm fortunate that I'm able volunteer in my girl's classroom this year, one morning a week.  So, when I was with the class yesterday morning, I witnessed those twenty-one lightning bolts that electrify the air on a rainy day.

One or two kidlets at home, might cozy up for indoor activities when the rain pours down.  Mugs of hot tea or cocoa, might be found, cupped in our hands.  We might be relishing the imaginative adventures that can be had indoors at home, while the dark, monstrous clouds in the sky, unleash their insides and drum on the roof above.

All of that gives me a peaceful, warm and fuzzy vibe.

In a classroom?  On a rainy day?  Full of twenty-one electrified li'l ones?

Li'l ones that buzz this way ---------------------------------->

<------------------------------- and li'l ones that buzz that way.

Li'l ones who sing, and go a Shufflin', who belly up on top of the table and fly, who are under the table and just as soon as you get one back in their seat, the next one is zooming this way and that way again.

A classroom that is typically well behaved, full of singing and sweet faced kidlets see the dark rain clouds out the window and CLAP!, those innocent li'l angels are suddenly the lightning that charges a whole room.

Can you just imagine that energy harnessed?! :>

* * * * *
I knew the LMFAO song, Party Rock Anthem...knew it, as to say I had heard it before.  But, when the kidlets in the classroom were singing it & doing 'the dance', the Shufflin', I looked up the lyrics.  It's definitely a fun party song for dancing, but thankfully, the kidlets who know the song are only singing the chorus.....'cause a couple of the verses, I'd rather my girl didn't learn! ;>


  1. Yes it has been raining cats and dogs!! I can just imagine what it was like in the classroom. I remember being in school and having "rainy day recess" and we'd be bouncing off the walls. Sounds like you had so much fun. And...I've never heard all the lyrics to that LMFAO song, I may have to look them up! I am working from home today and just picked up Buddha from preschool and am about to pick up Monkey from kinder. Some hot chocolate might be in order! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Cute post! I too volunteered in Boo's class when he was in kindergarten 2 years ago. And I'm doing the same "center mom" volunteer spot with Dipsy who is in kindergarten now. I remember saying that same thing when I was in Boo's kindergarten class - that we could power the whole darn town if we could only harness the energy in that room! Wish I had a fraction of it.

  3. It's too bad you can't turn their energy into electricity or something. When we want them to sit down the most is always when they're the most hyper :)

  4. LOL I remember when thunderstorms used to be I just want to read & sleep.

    I can't imagine teaching during a storm. Kids do feed off of each's like, collectively, they can harness the electricity.

  5. If we could harness the energy from little kids pent up in a room... we could power everything for dirt cheap! I'm thinkin' A La Monsters Inc... but without the scarers! ha ha!

    Thanks for linking up for #SundayFunday buddy!


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