Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time to get Loud, Football is Back!

Are you ready for some Football?!?!  We are!  The 2011 football season starts today!

You'll hear me & my Princess cheering for my Boys in Blue, the Seattle Seahawks, when they take the field on Sunday.  And since we're playing against them, I'm likely to be quite vocal about those San Francisco 49ers...much to my husband's, son's, @PACJenn's, Deb's, and The Mama Monkey's dismay. ;> 

Hubs & I also play Fantasy Football with good friends.  The draft is done, waivers & trades are happening, and we're going to see how it rolls this first week.  Thankfully, we managed to end up with Aaron Rodgers for our team's quarterback!

Growing up, I wasn't much of a football fan.  I admit it.  It was on the tube most Sundays as my Dad watched and at the time, it was my little brother who was the die hard Seahawk fan.  I was in the marching band in high school and rode those cold bleacher benches wearing a red, black, and white polyester uniform, complete with flair kick pleat pants on Friday nights for every Home game.

I was around it, I could follow the bare basics of a game, and I didn't not like it.  I simply wasn't a screamin', hollerin', gotta watch fan back then.

When I started dating my now husband, I learned quite quickly that if I wanted to enjoy football season with him, I better learn to like it.  No matter how it's spun, faking interest is boring and I don't like being bored.

So, like most things that I go looking for a way to boil up some interest in, I went in search of information.  I signed up for newsletters from and and I started reading and learning and it didn't take long before I started loving the game.

And having kidlets who light up when it's football season has made being football fans a family affair.  We look forward to our time together, to watching the games together, to cooking for the games together, to cheering together, to doing The {touchdown} Dance together.  For us, football means treasured time together.  And I'm thankful for every minute of it.

Are you a football fan?  Who's your favorite team?  Or do you cheer for another sport altogether?  Or would you rather be the one out in the field or on the court, with the ball, playing?


  1. I was in marching band in high school too! It was red, white and blue polyester for me. And trumpet. What instrument did you play?

    I'm not a die-hard football fan, but I don't mind watching it. My fave team used to be the Pittsburg Steelers because that was my dad's fave team (he played college football in PA). Now I mostly cheer for the N.E. Pats, since I'm from CT.

    It's great that your whole family watches & enjoys football together. Love that.

  2. This is so awesome!!!!!!!! I love hearing your story and I love YOUR love for your team (even if it's not the Niners!) SO happy, football is back! Fantasy Football is an addiction that we share!!!!!!!! xOxO

  3. I'm very meh about football. Growing up with Joe Montana and Steve Young, sets the bar pretty high for me to be a fan now... it's not that I'm fairweather (hello! I'm a Giants fan!) it's just hard for me to get into. I keep trying though, and Jamie's super patient when I ask questions, but I don't know if I'll ever really be a fan. :)

  4. Loved this!

    I am a football fan. Though hubs and I are more passionate about college football than we are pro. But we root for the Jets: J-E-T-S...Jets, Jets, Jets!! Here's hoping Mark Sanchez has a good season.

  5. 49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...49ers...

    Just thought I would leave you some football love. :)

  6. I am a huge steeler's fan. I was like you - I didn't really enjoy it as a kid. One year, after a bad breakup, I used football as my crutch and it quickly became an addiction. I love it!

  7. I also grew up without much interest in football. My dad was a baseball fan and when he turned to golf, I moved out. ;-) A boyfriend I had in my early 20s was a die-hard Broncos fan and I have to say, learning to love football right when the Broncos won back-to-back Superbowls didn't suck! I am now an NFL fan (albeit a R8R H8R) whereas my husband prefers college ball (Go 'Pokes).

    Oh, and I went to see the 'Hawks play the Chargers last year at Qwest field and it was a *ton* of fun!

  8. Sooooooo fun! I could get into it just because of YOU, Kare. Feels like a lifetime ago when my life revolved around this stuff! Enjoy!


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