Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and more Pumpkins!

Pumpkins, anyone?? Or I suppose I should more accurately say, Jack-o-lanterns, anyone?? I have jack-o-lanterns from '06, '07, and '08 to share. Where's '09?? Sitting on our porch, still waiting to be carved. Yikes! I better get to it!! If you hang in here with me through this post, the last carved pumpkin is one of my favorites.......

Can someone who is more skilled with a camera, please tell me how I took this first shot?! Everything around the pumpkin is in focus, so I assume I didn't move the camera. This is my pumpkin from 2006 and the faces jumping out of my pumpkin have me, three years later, still wondering what happened!

Above, from left to right, is the pumpkin we carved for our infant daughter that year, our son, and Hubby's pumpkin.

2007 pumpkins carved up to light the way for trick o' treaters. Above was baby girl's...sweet, sweet, sweet.

Here is my pirate ship pumpkin! I was so dismayed to discover that I do not have a single great shot of it. It is far more detailed than this pic shows. The cut out on the flag is a skull and bones. The pumpkin on the right is our son's and his first time carving!!

Look how gnarled and wrinkly this pumpkin is! No wonder Hubby chose it for his own. He likes the scarier side of Halloween and has to tame it all down since having kidlets. But, he still wears his scary mask, aka Uncle Charlie, every year and loves handing out Halloween candy while I take the kidlets trick o' treating!

And here comes 2008.........

These cute eyes were peering out from our front window ledge.

Some toothpicks came in handy here for holding the centers of the 'B' and 'O's for a "BOO" pumpkin.

Another standard pumpkin face, one that always sends me back to the faces my brother and I carved with Dad every year as a child. Mom helped scrape out the pulp and Dad helped with the carving. Thankfully, that is one tradition I've changed up a bit with our family. Hubby is the best pulp scrapper outer ever!! And so, he empties the pulp and all those yummy seeds to roast from almost all of the pumpkins................he can empty five pumpkins in the time it takes me to unload just one!

And here's one of my favorite pumpkins that I've carved.....

C3PO and R2-D2! This one about killed my hand and I was in danger of breaking those fine lines many a time, but it was so worth it. Our kidlets loved it! I love listening to the pumpkin discussions outside, before the door bell is rung.

Pics of the pumpkins that were carved with the faces of Darth Vader, the Old Hag (witch from Snow White), and Elmo are all on film and as I was arguing with my scanner, I was unable to get them up. But, there's always next Halloween, right?

I have an Optimus Prime (Transformers) and a Minnie Mouse celebrating Halloween here this year. They are anxiously awaiting costume time and the chance to show them off to the neighborhood. Do you celebrate Halloween? Are you dressing up? Any kidlets transforming into something cute, sweet, or ghoulish? I would love to know what you are up to tonight! Happy Halloween!!


  1. I bow down, unto thee, expert pumpkin carver! These are mind-blowingly cute and expertly carved! The Star Wars scene is FABULOUS! Who knew we were separated at birth!?! I'm chompin' on seeds as I type! I love everything about this NIGHT and this season! Love your gallery-o-pumpkin fantasticness, sweet Kare! Excellent share!

  2. Oh Karen... your pumpkins are awesome!!! That last one is amazing!! You and Elise are some master pumpkin carvers... just way cool! The past few years... we just cut em up and throw a candle in them! :) Pretty sad... maybe next year we will do better! !

  3. LOve your pumpkins!!! Such a great collection.... Ours are carved by the kids and stinkin' cute!!!

    Halloween was awesome! I had a Hippy and a Wizard last night.. and they had a blast. We didn't leave until 6pm and it was dark, with the moon and the clouds and GREAT weather (40 degrees is great in our area).. No wind... Oh my.. I drove them from neighbor to neighbor... We hit 11 places in 2 hours.. It was GREAT!!

    And I was a witch.. I have a cool hat, and a broom and a cute vest.. It's my standard... And my son called me his chauffeur. I had to open his door each time (his door doesn't open from inside!) and off he would run... cape blowing behind him:) Cute cute cute! DD was a happy camper too!

    And that just makes it fun..

  4. Halloween is not very big here - which is fun because the origins are German as far as I remember - instead part of the country goes crazy from 11/11 onwards to Mardi Gras (it's even called the 5th season). So I've seen some carved Jack O'Lanterns here and there but... WOW!! You really are the expert pumpkin carver! The scene from Star Wars and the pirate vessel are amazing, Karen!

  5. I'm a day late...Happy Halloween!

    Loved your photos!!

    Hope you enjoyed the day! "The Italian" carved a beautiful pumpkin and we had our candy ready to go and not ONE "trick or treater" came to the door! It has steadily decreased over the years and it seems that the kids now go to festivals and the mall in my neck of the woods. Bummer!!

  6. I love your pumpkins!! I´ve never carved a pumpkin in my life, Halloween is quite new in Norway. Next year I´m hopefully in a new home, and maybe I´ll do one then! I´ll be sure to come back to this post for inspiration!


  7. Wow Karen that picture is cool. I've had two years of college level photography classes and I have no idea how you did that. It's impressive!

  8. OK, confession time, we didn't even carve a single pumpkin this year! Oh MAN! That is so wrong! We'll probably do it today, why not??

    Your pumpkins are fantastic! from the traditional to the futuristic, all fantastic! And I don't know how you made the faces float in your first picture but, WAY COOL!

  9. Hi, Karen! Love your carved pumpkins! They're beautiful!

    To answer your question about your photo ... you did move the camera. You had it set up to use a flash, and when the flash went off, it illuminated everything for a split-second - and, for that time, the camera was still. So, everything appears crisp in the background. But, the shutter was still open longer and you moved the camera while the shutter was still open but the flash had passed ... which caused the ghostlike pumpkin flares. It was the flash that "froze everything" in time. :-)

  10. THESE ARE AWESOME! i did not even get out my halloween stuff this year! what is wrong with me?! i love halloween. just did not show it around the house! you guys did a TERRIFIC job on those pumpkins!


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