Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JR Martinez is a shining star!

I was going to write along with Write on Edge today (after you've said hello here, head over there to read wonderful one hundred word conjured memories), but a little something else captured my heart this morning.

While warming up with a cuppa java, I caught last night's Dancing with the Stars and JR Martinez definitely stole the show!

Martinez embodies an absolutely wonderful kind of positive thinking.  And in the interview before performing, he talks about his time in the hospital after being injured when his Humvee hit a land mine in Iraq. 

He shares where his mind travelled until arriving at a point where he could chose to fight and live positively.  He shared that, while tears rolled down my cheeks and I imagine many others who watched.

If you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to take a few minutes and at least watch his clip above.  And if you have a few more minutes, head on over to abc's Dancing with the Stars, to watch the whole episode. 

See Carson Kressley rock a fun red carpet tango, Rob Kardashian did a sweet send up to his late father, Kristin Cavallari...I'm honestly not sure who she is outside of the show (am I getting old?!), but I love watching her partner, Mark Ballas...rocked Beyonce, and Ricki Lake & David Arquette are just so sweet & fun to watch!

I see the sun trying so hard to peek out from behind the dark clouds, so I'm off to take advantage of the lull & get some long pants for my kidlets now that the weather has turned, before tackling the paperwork I've been avoiding!  Hope you are having a fantastic day! :>


  1. oh my goodness... WARN A GIRL that there will be tears!!! :) Something in great big CAPS! "THIS WILL MAKE YOU CRY!"
    What an incredibly touching story... what a profound expression of grief through movement. I'm a firm believer than sometimes movement allows us to express things that sometimes our vocabulary cannot. Clearly, JR's dance with Karina was just that... and something that ws poignant for so many people.
    I'm glad you posted this... or I would have missed it. Thanks for sharing Karen!

  2. Oh my good lord, I'm crying like a baby and chris keeps singing the dang song go keep me crying. I DON'T CRY!


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