Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Things that make me { Smile }

1)  Fort Bragg

Nothing injects peace and stillness, like the fresh ocean air and the rhythmic pounding of the waves.

Fort Bragg Beach 

Really, what's not to like?!

Fort Bragg Sunset 

Sunsets on the coast

Goat Rock Beach 

Most any beach will do. Though, I do have a preference for the coastline from Northern California up through Southern British Colmbia.

2) Kidlets playing together sweetly...especially when there's a hug involved.

This is definitely an older pic from their li'ler years, but it's one of my favorites and most definitely makes me smile.

3)  Color

Favorite Fall Glimpse 

I love color.

I love color from nature,

Watercolor Background 

from moments spent with a creative craft in hand,

Karen on Pinterest 

or from the vast amount of inspiration across the interwebs, much of which ends up on my Pinterest boards and those always make me smile!

4)  Music

Whether from memories of playing the piano, violin, and flute while growing up, or from my daughter sweetly pressing the ivories, or from a cd played in the car while the kidlets and I take one of our country drives, or an iTunes playlist singing in my ear while I write, or my kidlets dancing to music played on YouTube, it just about always makes me smile.

I love that music can transport me or firmly plant me in the moment, etching a memory into my heart.

5)  Writing

Growing up, I was always many journals, from Judy Blume journals to ones with a lock on them to nicely bound ones, on random pieces of paper, writing about my day or a short fictional passage or some poetry.

And for awhile, after getting married and having my kidlets, I strayed away from it.  I had strayed away from what makes me tick.

Writing again, whether for a blog post or a piece of fiction, it brings me home and makes me smile.

Linking up with the first time today and couldn't think of a prompt that I mesh with more than things that make me smile! :>


  1. My list could very closely mirror yous. Beautiful pictures, especially the kids. so sweet.

  2. Nice! The beach would be #1 on my list.

    I can't get over the colors of the trees in that photo! Beautiful.

  3. What a great list! And wow, that picture of the trees is amazing! So glad you linked up with us!

  4. Those are awesome! Love the colors!

  5. I love your pictures! I have to agree, many of those things make me smile as well. I am a huge fan of the beach, and sweet moments between my 2 boys - which are rare because they always seem to be can instantly affect my mood and I love many different kinds. Things that make me smile? Posts from Time Crafted. :)

  6. Love the fall colors! I'm so happy that you have returned to writing for yourself!

  7. Love the pictures----they absolutely made me smile! Thank you so much for linking up!


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