Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'll Bet You're on My List!

List mentors, dead or alive, you wish you could have access to.

Hmmmm...not sure I've used the word "mentors" before.  Most people who know me, know that I'm a pretty independent gal who does and thinks her own thing.

However, with that said, there have been many people, dead and alive, from the past and present who have shaped me, guided me, led me when I needed to be led, followed me when I needed to be followed, and overall, made me a better person.  I'm grateful for them all!  (And as I wrote this, I realized there are a few overlaps from my first Saturday Seven post, so I've intentionally left the obvious Family off this list to help with that!)

Listed in no particular order:

* From the 'Dead, but Oh So Impactful' List:  Susan B. Anthony

* From my teen years and into adulthoodThe Four Musketeers

* Speaking of those teen years, my time with my #667 Girl Scout troop, where I met so many wonderful girls, now women, made lasting friendships, and continue to have contact with so many today.

* Having gone to three elementary schools, two junior highs, and one high school in three states, on two coasts, I've had quite a few wonderful teachers that shaped me, inspired me, and not only taught me reading, writing, and arithmetic, but about who I am and who I can be.

* And from the 'Oh What a Wondrous Surprise' List:  YOU! All of You who stop in and visit with me, all of You who take time from Your day to leave comments, all of You who are blogging Your hearts out, all of You who are sharing Your stories, all of You who ooze with so much creativity that we are fortunate you've elected to spill just some of it onto and into your blogs and websites, all of You who are humorous and snarky and laugh-out-loud worthy, all of You who inspire me have made my world a better place, made me want to stretch my creativity from paper and ink to paint and canvas to camera lens and click to words and wit and I THANK YOU for All of it!! :>

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Writing along with Lizz of Am I a Funny Girl? for this Saturday Seven (albeit late into the's been dark and rainy and a very pleasant cozy day with my family and yes, I'm indulging in all of it and running late! :>).

And once again, I'm such a rule breaker (LOL!) and have listed, um...well, if you really added up all the people within those five bullets, there are hundreds (wait...that means I'm still breaking the Seven rule)!  Okay, so nobody said math was a strict requirement of blogging and writing, right?! ;>

Who has shaped you into who you are today?


  1. Really wonderful food for thought on a rainy Sunday, my dear! YOU are certainly one of my mentors, for a whole bunch of reasons, but in particular, your confidence and generous knowledge about BLOGGING, but especially in PARENTING and the gracefulness with which you meet each and every challenge - SERIOUSLY! I thank you for your wonderful influence, ALWAYS!

  2. Similar to your independence, I like to figure things out on my own, so the concept of mentor is a little bit foreign to me. It was a tough thing to answer!

  3. hey Karen! great stuff here. i love to read your thoughts.,

  4. Love this lady! Looking inward to see who inspires us is truly powerful!


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