Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Women who { Inspire } ~ SITS Day Four

Women who inspire us.

A woman who inspires us.

A woman who inspires me.

That's what SITS gals are sharing for day four of the Back 2 Blogging event going on this week.


Initially, I thought of the present...

...and some of the women who inspire me creatively (including Dana of Paper Daydream & Elise of Mamacow Creations).

...and women who inspire me personally through over twenty years of Four Musketeer friendship.

As I kept thinking about the subject of women who inspire us, I reached into my history.  Actually, I reached into all of our history and arrived on the doorstep, quite literally, of a woman who has inspired me since childhood and was inspiring women long before that.

We share a birthday, this woman and I...though many years apart.  I remember meeting her in books as a child and learning of her strength, her fight, and determination to make this world a better and more equal place for women, for all humanity.


Susan B. Anthony was an abolitionist, educational reformer, labor activist, temperance worker, suffragist, and women's rights campaigner.  I highly recommend (when you are done reading here, of course! :>) clicking on her name to learn more about her.  

Those were all her titles, for all the different peoples she fought for.  But, to me, she was was someone who didn't take 'no' for an least, not when it came to treating people fairly, equally.  As a woman, I owe her (and many other women, including Elizabeth Cady Stanton) my right to vote in this right to have my voice count. 

I can't help but wonder, without the rights that Susan B. Anthony fought for, would so many of us women be blogging today?  Would I?  Could I?


For a time, as a kidlet, I lived near Susan B. Anthony's old stomping grounds, in upstate New York.  And I remember a classmate's birthday party that I went to at her house.  All these years later and I still remember the sort of reverence that a room full of young girls showed while 'partying' there, learning, and celebrating our growth.

One hundred ninety years since her birth, one hundred four years since her death, and she still inspires.

Who inspires you?


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Prompt #2:Describe a woman who inspired YOU.


  1. Susan B. Anthony was a very good choice. She is the reason that so many things are available for us.

  2. I have yet to right my post...I 've been struggling with the topic, but Susan B. Anthony was one of the ladies I thought of as well. I live here in Upstate NY, and she seemed like the best one with here rich history. How cool is it that you once resided here too!! I am so excited!! Great Post. I'm off to try and figure this all out!! ;)

  3. You picked an awesome woman who inspires. I cannot even imagine how remarkable she was back in her day to see and pursue her dreams she had and to pave the way for us. Great piece.

  4. Hey! I know those girls! ;) SO honored to be one of your friends my creative partner in scrap, blog and other glittery rainbows of friendship! Your post is such an honor and I just adore the times we've spent together and I raise my bottle of microfine martha glitter in toast to many more!

    Your four musketeers stories never cease to inspire me! You girls share an undeniable history of friendship, love, giggles and SUSHI! What a gift!

    Susan B Anthony is a most amazing choice in inspiring women! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on her.

  5. Wow the fact that you could have a birthday party at Susan B. Anthony's home! Amazing!! She was such a brave woman. Her and the other woman that worked with her, sacificed so much for us to vote. It saddens me that more women don't vote! It's because of these women that I NEVER miss a chance to vote!!

    Thanks for spot lighting Susan B. Anthony! She is definitely a woman to admire!

    Come by again...

    I'll be following you....

  6. Oh, it's so wonderful to think about inspiring women from history!

  7. What a wonderful post about a very inspiring woman! I think it came out great!

  8. Great choice! Susan B. Anthony helped the women of our country gain rights that so many take for granted. Definitely inspirational and worthy of admiration.


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