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Reasons why Moms don't get Labor Day off ~ Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

Mama’s Losin’ It 

Writing along with Mama Kat and gang today!  Prompt #5: Share an old journal entry, had me perusing my scrapbook journaling folder (saved notes, emails, ideas & sometimes the full journal entry so that I'll have the memory of the moment to share when I eventually scrap it......years later).

I came across something I wrote and saved a few years ago, on Labor Day, when my wee girl, my li'l Princess, was just three and a half months old (and I was a more than a wee bit sleep deprived!).

Reasons why Moms don't get Labor Day off:

1) Because when Mom is eating her breakfast, one kidlet is in her arms and bouncing on her knee while the other one is climbing up her back and dangling his arms around her head.

2) Because even though its boys day out and Dad and son are off "riding in Daddy's truck" and going to the hobby shop, Mom is at home with sick baby girl who only wants to sleep in Mommy's arms because every time she lays down her snotty nose clogs up so much she can't breathe through her nose and wakes her up.

3) Because while eating her breakfast with both kids physically on her body, her husband was taking a hot shower and then her son got a nice warm bath and she is still in her jammies trying to figure out when she can schedule a shower in for herself after the boys return.....this afternoon!

4) Because she'll be giving up her 'quiet time' this afternoon when one kidlet sleeps and the other is having his daily 'down time' in order to take that shower.

5) And because this evening, like most evenings, she'll be putting children to bed from 7:45pm until after 10pm and shortly thereafter have to go to bed herself in order to get up tomorrow and start again.

And believe it or not, I'm actually not ranting here, I write this with a smile and kinda think its funny. Now if it were a Friday, this would be a list of complaints, but since I got a chance to sleep in over the weekend and catch up on the sleep that I loose at night getting up with one or both kids, it just makes me smile and laugh at my a Mom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Years later, while the kidlets are in bed, with lights out, promptly at 8pm, I still have to schedule in time to shower & wash my hair, struggle to make time to have breakfast in the morning race to school, and loose sleep to bad dreams or a virus passing through. 

And years later (with far more sleep under my belt than when I wrote this with a newborn in my arms and her energetic brother movin' about), it still makes me smile and laugh at my a Mom.


  1. What a positive journal entry! I write things too, sometimes, that I think could be taken as negative, and I always make sure to write that they are written with love and a smile. Being a mom is tough sometimes (a lot), and being able to see the joy in the difficulty is a beautiful thing!

  2. Isn't that the truth! Once a Mama.. always a Mama.. even on holidays/vacations/nights/days..etc but it is lovely and full of hugs and kisses (our paycheck!).

  3. I have to say - the being on top of me thing 24/7 sparks mixed feelings in me.

  4. I can just picture the sick child in your arms! Children always seem to want mom when they are sick.

  5. YOU are SUCH a fabulous mom, Kare! This is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. what a great entry to share! Im glad you can look bck and smile :)

  7. I love to look back and think of those days with my own kiddo. Being a mom is the best job in the world! My Jacob is 18 and I still tuck him in every night and listen to his prayers. And when he is sick, even though he doesn't want me to hold him anymore, I still fuss over him and hover like he's still a baby. Because he is still MY baby. :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. :)


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