Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pink Pretties & Debate Delight ~ Wordful Wednesday

Last month (seriously?! February's already over?!) Hubby brought home a pot of pink tulips for our little Princess & I for Valentine's. I've loved waking up to them every morning in the kitchen window.


And silly me, didn't think to pull them down to take a quick, pic.  Rather, I climbed up and balanced o'er the top of them and clicked with my ol' trusty point & shoot camera that I've used for the last five years.

Remember that camera that I said I was looking to retire to back up status??

Well, now it officially is!  {{SQUEAL}}  The Next Great Camera Debate is over and this beautiful Nikon D3100 arrived on my doorstep just a few days ago!

While I've shot with film SLRs before, it has been a long time, so for now, I've got this baby set on Auto until I learn how to use it in Manual mode.  And I picked up a couple of books to help me out along the way, Nikon D3100 Digital Field Guide and Nikon D3100: From Snapshots to Great Shots.

I'm having a blast clicking away, playing around and checking her out.  Captured my boy's blue mohawk'd hair for Crazy Hair Day at school, Princess chasing the cat around & giving scratches until said cat was purring nonstop & a puddle of drool, and I can't wait til I have a moment to take this new sweet thing out on one of our country drives!

Okay, now who can recommend the perfect chic bag to carry it in???  Please do tell! :>

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Disclosure:  Camera image credit: Amazon. I'm loving my new camera & thankful for the help of the two books that are keeping my noggin' from turning to mush from information overload. One more piece of honest information for you, the camera & book links are affiliate links.


  1. hi karen! beautiful shot of the tulips! it will be fun to see the photos you post using your new camera! sorry, though... can't recommend a swank bag to carry it in!

  2. OH my!!!!!! Congratulations on the Camera!!!!!

    And, the tulips are heavenly...

    I carry my camera in a soft camera case, and then in my super huge Coach purse... Everything is in one place and it works for me!

  3. How exciting! I've actually been eyeballing the D3100 and have held off on buying it. My current DSLR is still really good and I just bought a new prime lens so I feel a bit guilty about buying ANOTHER camera. *sigh* Enjoy your 3100! Can't wait to see all of your photos. :)

  4. I love that burst of color! Just what I needed today. Spring is so close...I can almost feel it!

  5. How exciting to get a new camera!!!!! I know of places to go locally to buy a camera bag, but that wouldn't help you.

  6. Those flowers are gorgeous! Yay, camera!!!! How are you liking the Field Guide book? I got that one too.

    Okay, so I ended up getting a bag from http://www.artfire.com/users/xcessrizedesigns. She has an Etsy shop too but offers free shipping in her Artfire shop. :)

  7. that's a lovely shot! i'm looking for a great photography cam myself... thanks for sharing yours!

  8. I like to try taking photos at unusual angles. I think this one is great! Congrats on getting the new camera! Blue Crane makes awesome DVDs to help with learning. They make them specific to your camera and model. Check them out - I have a few for my Cannon. As far as cases go, you are going to want different ones for different times. I have a back pack for traveling and hiking, a duffel bag for weddings and "important" shoots, and a small bag for every day. The girls at the photo shop said they all have several different bags too, so that makes it ok. :)


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