Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday Evening Fun {at home}

List the menu for your last meal.

Well, I wouldn't necessarily call what we eat on Friday night a meal, but it's dinner!

Friday nights are movie nights for the kidlets.  So, I made them their GFCF pizza (with the appropriate mozzarella Daiya 'cheese' shreds this time) and while Finding Nemo graced our screen, Hubby threw some toppings on a cheese pizza that he picked up at Safeway on his way home.

And I hopped on to Twitter to go where all fun people go on a Friday night, #wineparty! (And no, wine is not required. I don't generally drink it, despite living surrounded by vineyards!)  It's a fabulously fun place to hang on a Friday night when you're home and feel like chatting.


Pizza's done.  I pardoned myself from #wineparty for a few minutes to eat with the family (I *might* have snuck a few tweets in there! Shhh....) and watch a little Finding Nemo (love the jelly fish & sea turtles...Dude!).

Hubby had thrown red onion, bacon, red bell pepper, olives, and chopped artichoke hearts on top of the plain cheese pizza.  (Everything goes better with bacon, artichoke hearts & red onion, don't ya know?! :>)

And yes, after dinner, I went back to #wineparty.  But, my computer is in the living room, mere feet from the kidlets.  When they select a new movie to watch, I'll watch with them, but when they've watched the same movie three weeks in a row, like they did with the uber cute How to Train Your Dragon, a gal's gotta have somewhere to turn!

What does a Friday night look like for you?

Writing along with my friend, Lizz of Am I a Funny Girl? for Saturday Seven again this week!  Stop by and say hello!  :>

Disclosure:  I might break a few "rules" in life, but I follow the FTC's! The movie links are affiliate links.


  1. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Your family is ADORABLE! Usually, by Friday night, I'm looking for a little BREAK from the fam {!} -shhhhhh! But my daughter instituted a dinner roulette, where one of us gets a turn on deciding WHAT to have for dinner! What fun!

  2. Everything is better with bacon...and butter

  3. Yummy! And I loved How To Tame your Dragon, too :)

  4. Pizza, wine (drinkable or the twitter version) and a movie or two - sounds spot on for us too! Maybe some crafting here and there.

  5. Glad I could hear about your Friday night since I wasn't at #wineparty! Your pizza looks amazing...and I love Finding Nemo. How to Train Your Dragon is in our Netflix queue. Can't wait to see it!


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