Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Seven

Prompt:  List some of the people who have really changed your life.
(Listing in order of entry into my life, rather than importance! :>)

1) 4 Musketeers:  I met Fishey first.  I still remember what she was wearing the day I met her in the fall of the eighth grade: skirt, white polo shirt, white Keds, and on crutches.  Next, I met Woodstock at a local Girl Scout meeting.  I was brand new to a troop that had been together since elementary school days.  And lastly, Snoopy.  Woodstock brought her to a Girl Scout meeting one night and I immediately knew we would be friends.  I put my arm through hers and took her away, introducing her to everyone.

These three women are the sisters I don't have.  They are Aunties to my kidlets.  They are there when I need to vent.  They are there when I am smiling.  We've been friends for over twenty years and I'm so looking forward to the next twenty and more.

2) Mac Truck Driver:  While driving on the freeway one morning, I was in a near fatal accident with an 18 wheeler, two trailer big rig.  I was 21 years old.  I sustained multiple injuries and that accident, all those years ago, has forever changed every part of my life.

Every single aspect of my life has changed.  There are more negatives than I would ever want to document here, but I did gain a few things of a more positive nature from that.  I learned patience, tolerance and acceptance (of pain, limitations, changes), and to always try to find that silver lining.  Sometimes, I'm quite surprised at where the smile worthy part is in a challenge, but its almost always there, if I look hard enough.

I don't ride rainbows, but I do try to see those little things that can make me smile.  And for me, life is so much better that way!

3) Hubs:  I was in my early twenties when we began dating, mid twenties when we married, and now in my mid thirties.  And I have changed so much in that time.  While we've grown together, I have also been free to grow as an individual. Giving me that freedom and support has changed who I am. 

4) Kidlets:  Becoming a Mama is a such a major change to both my life and who I am.  They teach me to see life from different perspectives, to see the beauty in the big and small, and as fast as life can move with a couple of energetic kidlets, they also teach me to slow down and see those little moments that often escape our attention.

5) Some new creative friends (you know who you are ;>):  They have changed the way I see myself.  They have given me courage to explore my creativity.  They have changed those limits I set upon myself.  And I'm grateful to them for that.

The list could go on and on, but these ten people (#s 1, 4, 5 are multiple people!) have all changed my life in significant and lasting ways.  Wonder what life has to offer and who I'll meet next?

I'm writing along with Lizz of Am I a Funny Girl? today.  Go see who has changed her life and give her some comment love! :>  If you write along with her, let me know so I can come visit you too!  Happy Saturday! :>


  1. THIS is a beautiful {and COURAGEOUS!} post, Kare. Quite possibly one of my all time favorites! Huge congratulations and love to you, my DEAR friend!

    P.S. I'm loving that Marilyn card winking at me from the bottom of your post - one of my ALL time favorite Karen crafts! FOR SURE! {Still GOT it, still LOVE it! Yipeeee!}

  2. Giz, I'm so so glad we've reconnected thanks to Twitter! I'm thrilled that I know those crazy Musketeers, and I love that you're joining me on this listmaking journey! :)


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