Thursday, February 18, 2010

{Part Two} Fantastic Friends make me Smile!

You're back.....Yay!!! :>

Now, what were those other plans that I had for last Saturday?? What would I give up a creative day with friends for?? Well, more friends, of course!!! And specifically, my Four Musketeers! Okay, okay, so there were only three of the four of us (plus one husband) of us lives on the other side of the country right now (we miss you Jilly and we took you with us in spirit!!).

My Hubby kindly offered to play with our kidlets and sent me packing to go play with friends! So, I followed the yellow brick road (er, um, multiple highways?!) and headed back to the land of my teen years and to my best friend's home. From there, we, Jenn, Monique, Matt (Monique's hubby), and I zipped off to San Francisco. Well, sort of zipped since it was Chinese New Year and there was a wee bit of traffic at the Bay Bridge toll plaza! That's okay.....I was with great friends!

Guess where they were taking me??? To the new Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio (San Francisco)!! Us Four Musketeers have a long history of Disneyland trips. Jill even got the four of us one of the bricks in the ground between Disneyland and California Adventures back in 2001. And yes, we're known to take pictures with each visit of our beloved Brick!

Oh I'm having a flashback now!!! Here comes some Brick love a la 2003!! (I had forgotten how long your hair was back then, Jenn!) There's our Jill! :>

Wow! Time is flashing by, zipping to 2005! I was preggo with my Princess and we decided to do a foot shot that year........with each of our feet pointing towards our names, of course! We're cheesey, I know. But, traditions with friends is a fantastic thing. :>

And back to last Saturday, 2010!!

The museum (which really is a museum and not a Disney attraction, though with a distinct Disney flavor) was really delightful and educational. We all agreed we could go through it again to read through everything more thoroughly. There is so much information about Walt's family to read and an incredible number of drawings, cartoon cells, telegrams, hand written letters, memorabilia, video footage, and even Walt's old train that he had going around his house to read, see, and take in!

Another big surprise.....parking was free!!! Affordable parking in San Francisco is a really big deal and free is pretty much unheard of! The Presidio is beautiful and we saw one of the most striking views of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge from inside the museum. I highly recommend crafting your time to visit the museum the next time you are in this great city!

A kind stranger offered to take our pic before we, Jenn, Monique, and Monique's husband, Matt. Monique is the crafty little sprite who introduced me to scrapbooking back in 2000! Thanks Nique!

And as a proper scrapbooker's husband, Matt took a pic of the three out of four Four Musketeers!! A little side note here.......I just love having another scrapbooker in our group! These fab friends are usually at our kidlets' birthdays and when they are, I have a perfect assortment of photos to come back to and scrap!!! And even better, her hubby always jumps in with the camera to help make sure we have those checklist photos that you need at all events from weddings to birthdays to vacations to day trips!! Thanks Matt!

Now, Jenn is creative as well.................but, I have more to share about her craft in another post (because this one is long enough, right?!) when I show you a little something that followed me to my home from hers!

Did you make it to the end????? I know, this was a long one (aren't you glad I broke that post up into two?! :>)....but, I had so much to share about such wonderful friends!! If you're here, still reading, give yourself a pat on the back, an extra cuppa, and a thank you & smile from me!

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  1. Okay, next time you gals also need to take a photo of your shadows. That is a cool one to scrapbook, or while on the beach, your footprints. Love hearing your story and am thankful you had a great time.

  2. Wow, so much fun!! Is it not great beeing four? I also have three BFFs :-) And it´s perfect. We are all so different, and we all live in different parts of the country. Next weekend we are all meeting up in Oslo for a fun filled long weekend celebrating Line and Elises 30th birthdays :-) We´re going to the park to take photos, we´re going to eat loads of candies and wathc movies all night. And it will be great!! I think its at least two years since we were all together, so its quite an occation!!


  3. lovely that you still keep in touch...and love the foot shot!

  4. OMG!!! How long has this museum been there, I HAVE to go! Free parking,are you kidding?
    What fun pics! Very cool!

    Now you're really making me homesick for SF, you know that right?
    I bet you secretly had something to do with that missing Gore jersey......maybe you did something to it "in your sleep!" haaaaa But I'm with you on one thing- no Raiders jerseys in my house either- lol! You're so funny!Have a great weekend! xxoo

  5. I was in San Francisco in August/September of this year celebrating my husband and my 10 year anniversary! Isn't it awesome! I am almost finished scrapbooking our trip! It brings back such found memories of the trip!!!
    Have many more fun trips with your friends!!!!!

  6. How awesome!!!!! I love your friends! I love you with your friends! I love that you girls have a tradition and a man in the crowd who gets it!!!!!

    Great share!

  7. awwwww. love a great time with wonderful friends!!! glad you had a blast.

  8. Great pics! Too funny I just took pics of my daughters 12th birthday party - spa themed. I have the same head shot - only with mud masks and cucumbers and the same foot shot only barefoot showing off painted toe nails.

  9. It makes me soooo happy to see so many great people follow my BFF's blog. Everytime I see her is wonderful. Throw in a few other Muskateers and it's even better. If you have any interest in Disney, highly recommend the Walt Disney Family Museum.
    And "Sparkling Scrapbooks", I don't believe the Gore jersey "disappeared"... Funny how she still has the Seahawks jersey! Love ya Gisie and soooo proud of you!

  10. I read it to the end, Karen! :) I want a brick...**pouts**!! Disney is so awesome. I would love to hit all the parks in my lifetime!

  11. A fun weekend with your BFFs? How cool's that?!! So glad to see you've had a blast on your birthday :) Loved to see the photos of you from the '90s until today. It's so great to see you have friendships that last through all times! My BFF and I always take "self-portraits" with one of us holding the photo and than click away until the "perfect" shoot... LOL Those shots alone would make a great mini album ;)

  12. How fun. Aren't good friends the best!

  13. Well... Happy late Birthday! Looks like you had an awesome birthday! Nothing better than fantastic friends! :) Love seeing all of the pictures! Thanks for sharing your bday events! :)

  14. So glad to hear you all had such a lovely time, I will have to visit your wonderful country soon,
    Love Sarita xx

  15. Yes friends are so precious...what would we do without them? Happy New Week to you!

  16. OMG! Those pictures are FANTASTIC! I love 'em! Oh, baby! You'll have fun scrappin THESE! Yipee! Glad you got to celebrate and celebrate and CELEBRATE your birthday!

  17. Hello Sweet Friend!

    I am so happy for you that you got yourself a little friend time in lovely SF! Loved seeing all of your wonderful photos and how fabulous that you got to go to the new Walt Disney Family Museum!!

    I missed your Birthday Blog Giveaway post, but wanted to say Happy Blog Birthday! As you know I don't have a scrapping bone in my body, I'm just an admirer of those who do, and you my definitely do!

    Thanks for your wonderful comment today...made me grin from ear to ear! I adore you sweet friend!

    Big hugs,

  18. How fun! And what a great circle of gal pals you have! I am happy to say that I now know whose name is on one of those bricks! You are famous!

  19. Oh you girls are CUTE! What wonderful lifetime friends you have!!

  20. What great memeories! So happy you have fantastic friends, we all need them!


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