Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Little Word meets The Sketchbook Challenge

Yesterday, one of my kidlets said, "Mom, I want to see you get more crafty again." It was out of the blue, as they sat down for breakfast, before I was even really awake.

But, he had a point and I want that too!

A couple weeks ago, inspiration struck for The Sketchbook Challenge's March theme: Spilling Over and last night, I took my kidlet's advice and got to it.

It's the end of the first quarter of 2011 and a great time to check in with my One Little Word: ~Grow~.  And even better, combine it for an art journal page for The Sketchbook Challenge.


Last month, I updated my camera to a DSLR and I'm learning to ~Grow~ in photography.  And while that's a long happy process, I'm having fun clicking.  To include a bit of this growth, I upped the contrast on the photo I took of our now removed ash trees, to make it easier to trace the silhouette onto transparency with a fine tipped Sharpie.

Spilling Over ~ Grow in Layers
While the simple printout of the pic isn't good quality, I went ahead and included it.

Under the transparency, I included the Her Face piece I wrote for a Red Writing Hood assignment at The Red Dress Club.  Outside of blogging, it has been quite some time since I've written creatively.  Writing along with prompts from The Red Dress Club and Microfiction Monday this year has allowed me to ~Grow~ here as well.


And on top is some simple acrylic paint, topped with my One Little Word: ~Grow~ and the synonyms that I've included in my One Little Word album that I'm working on for Ali Edward's class over at Big Picture more area for me to ~Grow~!

One Little Word meets The Sketchbook Challenge

Do you have One Little Word for 2011?  How have you incorporated it into your life so far?



  1. It looks great! I love all the affirming words you chose and highlighted on the piece. You're not just growing, you're blooming!

  2. Great sketchbook page! I just sat down and thought of my little 2011 word.....many words crossed my mind, but as you asked for a little one...JOY. Be happy with what you have and don't nag about the things you don't have. Best wishes, Nadia

  3. gorgeous work,as always, karen!! love how you traced the tree on to the acrylic sheet! and you know what??? i agree with your sweet kidlet... you need to get crafty more because you do it so well!!

  4. Out of the mouths of babes! I like when his mama gets crafty! Stir in some insiteful writing and a sharpie oh *sigh* I love this! COngrats on the tweet from Ali!

  5. So good to see ya getting crafty again!!

    So, I went and bought M's Junior uniform. She bridges next month. Where is the time going? I am happy and sad at the same time! She will look great in green!

  6. Sooooooooo cool! {I ADORE your super smart kiddos!} I could NEVER narrow it down to ONE word, but I LOVE watching YOU! Learning & bein inspired by YOU! FABULOUS!

  7. Good for you in listening to your insightful kidlet! :) I didn't do a word for 2011, I created a bucket list. My word for last year was: reclaim. Everything had to be about reclaiming positive things in my life. It's a long story. But everything that wasn't about reclaiming had to be put way down on my list of priorities, or not even on the list at all. I loved it. I do think in 2012 I'll choose a word again. :) Visiting from SITS.

  8. I need to get back into crafting with the kids. They love that. I need to get some summer projects lined up for when they are out of school.

    New follower stopping by from SITS...hope you are having a great weekend.


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