Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mama Kat wants me to name just one?!

Mama’s Losin’ It

A song with significance?  As in 'a', singular, one solo, little, lonely song?

Oh for goodness sakes!

As a gal who grew up playing piano, violin, and flute (I didn't say I was great at them...but, yes, I did take lessons and play!), singing in choirs in schools, singing many a tune with Girl Scouts, with a cousin as a music teacher, an aunt who can play just about anything on a piano or organ if you hum just a bar for her, a best friend who spent hours writing out lyrics to dozens (hundreds?) of songs, how can I pick just one with significance???  How on earth do I do that?!

Do I pick...

...a Neil Diamond or Olivia Newton-John song that I remember listening and singing to as a kidlet?

...or the one from the first group that I had a thing for, Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go?

...or The Righteous Brother's You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin' that I heard endlessly in grade school (it was Top Gun days, people!)?

...or Kenny Loggin's Footloose or Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out for a Hero from the movie, 'Footloose'?

...or Livin' on a Prayer or You Give Love a Bad Name or Wanted Dead or Alive, all from Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet album and on the first cassette tape that my little brother gave me (think it was music he wanted, but I ended up liking it...a lot and to this day, while that isn't his taste at all anymore, he's still trying to school my taste in music!)?

...or Bill Medley's (I've Had) The Time of My Life(Yea, I watched 'Dirty Dancing' just a few times!)

...or Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All, which my most wonderful 5th & 6th grade teacher bought the single to play (on a record player!) for us and insisted we hear the words?

...or Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry, Be Happy, UB40's Red Red Wine, Bangle's Eternal Flame, Cyndi Lauper's I Drove All Night, Mike & The Mechanic's The Living Years, The B-52's The Love Shack, Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire (I could go on and on here!), all of which I remember being played at school dances?

...or the next round of singers, artists, and groups that I was drawn to listen to over and over again:  Dead or Alive, Alphaville, The Smiths, Cause and Effect, Big Audio Dynamite, Ace of Base, Erasure, New Order, Blind Melon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen (and again, I could go on and on!)?

...or one of the only groups/artists that I've seen live (outside of countless band & choir performances), Tears for Fears, Counting Crows, or Meatloaf?

...or the first song Hubby & I danced together to at our wedding, The Righteous Brother's ballad, Unchained Melody?

...or the songs on the CDs in my car right now, the Fox & The Hound 2 soundtrack, the Jungle Book 2 soundtrack, Nelly Furtado (oh wait, that one's just for me when I'm in the car without young ones!), the soundtrack to Cars, the Inspiration Everywhere playlist burned to CD, and the Mama Mia soundtrack that my kidlets' sweet voices sing to every day (especially wee girl...she likes to get her song on!)?

One song with significance? 

Again, how do I pick just one? 

The answer is, I can't.  And that's just fine with me!

What music do you roll, sing, tap your toes, groove to?


  1. I would not be able to pick just one song either which is why I didnt pick that prompt for this week. The piano, violin, and flute...that is pretty good for a kid to attempt to play all three of those instruments.

  2. Well, YOU KNOW I'm a country girl, but I have been known to surprise a kid or friend with some of my diverse love and celebration of music ~ I love everything from Benny Goodman and Frank Sinatra to Lincoln Park! CRAZY, huh!?! Regardless to THAT, Taylor Swift is the girl I sing with in the car, much to my son's frustration... {Ahhhhh, the joy of a teen!} Hee Hee Thanks for the fun thoughts, friend!

  3. Stopping by from Mama Kat.. I thought about doing this writing prompt too but thought that it was just too impossible to even attempt. I LOVE music and love way too many songs to even list a few. You did a great job though! Great songs and what amazing memories attached to them. : )

  4. Too many songs in my head to choose just one too! I'm a fan of so many different music genres and always have been. I couldnt write about my falling in love with Aerosmith without sharing that my first rap album was the fat boys followed closely by dj jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince! So I went another way completely. Thanks or the flashback!

  5. Hey there! I'm visiting from SITS! Nice to "meet" you! I'm a big fan of Bon Jovi...gets me movin' and groovin' like nobody's business! Of course, I love Miranda Lambert, too, and I really love Broadway music...if you can believe that! :)

  6. You have great taste in music!

    I hate it when people ask me about my favorite song, band, genre, etc. There's just too much good music out there to limit it to one favorite.

  7. You really cannot pick just one, I agree! You just took me on a trip down memory lane! Love Unchained Melody!

  8. Saying hi from SITS. Well I couldn't pick just one either but if I had to pick just one type of music (like them all) but if I had to, I'd be singing the blues. Just love the blues scale and anything that develops from it.

  9. I agree with you.. it's too hard to pick just one.

  10. I love how you brought so many good songs out of the vault! Need to go on itunes after reading your post! :) Love what you have attached to them, thank you for sharing them with us!

  11. I agree, it is impossible to pick just one! I did the same prompt. Of all the songs you named I loooove Cyndi Lauper's I Drove All Night!

  12. Whoooaaa Livin' on a prayer!!

  13. Here from Mama Kat's. I can't pick just one song either, out of my countless favorites. So many songs have made an impact on me, depending on which stage of my life I heard them. I understand why you're having a hard time choosing. From your list, though, my favorite's Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name!

  14. I love this! Totally a trip down memory lane.

  15. We may have listened to the exact same music growing up! I wouldn't be able to list just one, either.
    came by from TRDC.


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