Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Down Came the Trees

Drip, drop. Splatter, splash. Pitter pat of raindrops on the path. Sploosh. Gush. Dowwwwwwn comes the rain.

It's been like that off and on for a bit now.

Recently, we finally went ahead and had our two towering ash trees removed.  Even though we loved the trees, they were absolutely huge.  Ash trees are known for splitting and though we'd had several limbs pruned in the past, the cost of pruning them way back was about the same to have them completely taken out.

And over the weekend, I was at once very glad we made that decision.  It was not only pouring rain, but incredibly windy.  (Like funnel cloud formation and tornado touchdown in a nearby town...though hard to believe because this is so not tornado country!)  I would have spent the night worrying that the trees would come down on either our house or our neighbors!

Though, even when you know you made the right decision, it's still possible to miss the before picture.  You can tell how tall they were...the bit of house showing at the bottom, between the trees, is the gas vent/chimney that comes up above the roof line (and I still struggled to get that in frame!).

Bye-bye beautiful trees, we miss you, but definitely feel a lot safer!

We're thinking about what to plant in their place.  Maybe a fruit tree or two?  What would you plant?


  1. Those were some HUGE trees. I don't blame you for taking them down but can see how you might miss them, especially in the summer. I would plant a lemon tree. Lemons are so great, and can be used in so many recipes, drinks or even for cleaning, but are SO expensive! Have fun with whatever you decide to put in. :)

  2. Tornado in the bay area ?!?!?!?! WTH! I know big trees can be a nuisance sometimes, so sad as it is to say goodbye, it's probably for the best and you can put in something smaller and less troublesome. How funny, I was gonna suggest a lemon tree too- great minds!!! xOxO

  3. Ha! i was also thinking lemon tree! :) I'm sure you were sad to see them go but with all this wind, I too am glad for you! Safety first. Stay dry today!

  4. I love Dana's idea of a fruit tree. We have huge beech trees that were trimmed this sping. I wish my husband had put in smaller trees.

  5. The ability to rest your head, without the worry, trumps ALL! Glad you have good photos to remember, but I'm MORE glad that you're safe! xo!


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