Thursday, September 2, 2010

{Sweet} September

We're almost done with the second day of this month and I am pausing for a quick breath before launching into not only my favorite season, but the busiest. 

Why is it my favorite season, you ask?  (Okay, so maybe you're not wondering, but roll with me...) 

I could say because one kidlet has a birthday coming up...but as cute as he is, it means he's another year older and I wonder where the last few years have gone.

I could say because two cute kidlets get even cuter in their costumes of choice and head out into the night, grinning ear to ear or because there are yummy roasted pumpkin seeds to nibble on.....but, by the end of it, I'm dragging my tired you know what to bed from staying up most of the night before carving pumpkins.

I could say because November comes before I remember to blink and we're talking turkey that Hubby will later turn into the most delicious turkey, veggie & wild rice sit on the stove all day soup with the leftovers or because there are school vacation days, which mean I get to turn off my 5:40am alarm clocks (yes, that's plural....the alarm clock and I have a love/hate relationship) or because after the last bite of turkey is eaten, the kidlets start hitting us up for the Christmas tree.....but, I remember that I'm in the home stretch to the next major holiday and have to remind myself to breathe.

I could say because the family trip to get the Christmas tree is one of my favorite moments of the season or because the kidlets & I love to sing Christmas songs together or because Hubby will have an extra day off of work or because the Christmas season makes me smile...but, I remember that my wee girl will spend the next eleven months asking me "When's Christmas?"

So, do you still want to know why Autumn, or Fall (take your pick), is my favorite season? 

When I was a kidlet, I lived in upstate New York.  We returned to school after Labor Day (not the middle of August), the air grows cool and crisp (unlike the hundred degree weather today, here on the other side of the country), the leaves turn brilliant colors, I loved (and still do) stomping & crunching those wonderful Autumn leaves as they dance through the air and fall to the ground, we began bundling up with scarves, hats, and mittens, and if we were lucky, little white jewels fell from the sky, blanketing the ground, and treated us with a white Christmas.

I realize that this is all from the perspective of a kidlet and not an adult who has to drive through the snow or on black ice, someone who has to rake up fallen leaves, take kidlets trick or treating in much cooler temps than they would like, but for me as a kidlet, it was magical.  That's how I remember it and if it truly was different than that, I don't want to know. 

And even though I'm raising my family on the other side of the country, I do hope that I can help make it magical for my own kidlets, so that they may know the joy of Autumn.

What's your favorite season?


  1. Just stopping in to peek at your blog and say a great big thank you for visiting me on my Sits day!!

  2. what a lovely read today karen! i do love the fall... leaves changing color, the air getting crisper and cooler, trips to the pumpkin patch. i could go on...

  3. What a beautiful post!!!!

    My favorite is summer.. for the activities and time with the kidlets...and warmth!

    But my heart also loves Autumn for all the same reasons you listed. It is just magical!


  4. Stopping from SITS! I love fall too. I get to celebrate my birthday and my anniversary in November.

  5. i've enjoyed the fall more and more as i've gotten older. and i actually wish i had my wedding in the fall instead of august.

  6. I can see why you like this season so much because of all your great memories. Summer is my favorite because I love the weather, open windows, sandals, etc. Fall is really hard for me because I know it can only get worse once winter comes. The anticipation is almost worse! But I do love pumpkin!

  7. I remember autumn just the way you do! it is a magical time of year, but I can't pick a favorite! For me, each season is magical in it's own way and near the end of one, I'm usually looking forward to which ever one is next! Your story today is beautiful, and I'm sure your kidlets will have wonderful memories of their autumn just like you do!


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