Monday, August 30, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football??

"Sit! Sit, Dad!  Watch feetball!  I'm going for the blue team!" my baby brother said many years back, when he was a wee kidlet and we lived in Washington state.  Our Dad told him that was the Seattle Seahawks and he was promptly a fan.
I grew up with football on in the house, but not a whole lot of interest in it.  I went to almost every Friday night home game in high school, in uniform, as a member of the marching band.  And while I could follow along from all those games on at home, I really only knew the basics and still didn't have a huge amount of interest in the game.

When I started dating the man, who is now my husband, over a decade ago, I learned quickly that if I wanted to enjoy my time with him during the football season, I better find a way to like it.  And so I reached back to a set of childhood memories, my brother's love of the Hawks, and claimed the Seahawks as my own.

One morning, Hubby ran a quick errand & since my Hawks were on (which does not happen with nearly enough frequency around here!!), he left me to watch.  I did not realize just how much I had gotten into the game, until he came home from said errand, and told me he could hear me yelling at Ricky Watters to keep his hands on the ball....from around the corner!! 

Yes, that was the moment I realized I had moved from a spectator "forced" to learn to like the game, to an actual fan, a Seattle Seahawks fan!

(Oh yes, don't get me wrong, I like Watters!  It was just a moment, in a game, and I was one of the millions who seem to think screaming at a television will make an ounce of difference in a game! lol)

We're a split house here, as Hubby is a San Francisco 49er's (cough, cough) fan and our teams are division rivals.  And through this uber wonderful blogging experience I've met another 49er fan.  In fact, I've shared her love of those boys here before and she does indeed claim to bleed red and gold (cough, cough). 

Meet Deb, an uber creative scrapbooker and fabulous queen of embellishments, of sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS

Deb & I are playing in a Fantasy Football league together this season and since she snagged Drew Brees for our quarterback, I'm hoping we'll do quite nicely!

One of the best bits of having to learned to enjoy the game over a decade ago, our whole family loves watching a family.  Our boy has learned enough to be a reliable source (most of the time) to give us an update when we step away and our wee girl gasps & cheers & claps & has more excitement for the game than all of us put together.  With every preseason game we watch, she asks when the "rocket helmets" will be on again.....aka Monday Night Football!

I think its going to be a fun season between this Fantasy team that Deb & I have and the Fantasy team that Hubby & I play in a different league with family friends and watching what happens with my Seahawks & their third new head coach in three years (Pete Carroll from USC) and oh wait, we're not gonna talk about that other team (cough, cough)! you watch NFL football?  College ball?  Or another sport altogether?  Who are you cheering on?  Or are you playing?  I'd love to know!


  1. HA! yes we watch some football in this house. we are TN Titans fans however. that is the only team i care to watch hubby will watch just about any team. my favorite part about football is the snacks! TEEHEE

  2. You NEVER stop tickling my soul, sweet Kare! What a fun post! I love that you are such a good sport and a wee bit of a jock, yourself! I, too, grew up in a household of sports! The "Green" section in the paper, SHOUTS heard 'round the neighborhood! Statistics pondered, colors flown - it was my foundation! And now, after years of cheerleading {*gasp!*}, dating two major football players in two long and serious relationships, prior to marriage...{always defense, for some reason...} I'm "retired!" Hee Hee I married the MOST non-sports guy I've ever known. And I'm good with THAT. All I can say is SUPERBOWL, baby! I get my rah-rahs out and I'm GOLDEN, win or lose!

    Go TEAM!!!!!

  3. woot woot for seattle:) We've chatted about this before..out link...seattle:) sorry though, not a sports fan in general...only when my kidlets play soccer:)

  4. Awww, you are too sweet for the shout out!!! Yes, us 'Pigskin Princesses' are gonna have a blast this season. Bring on those boys and lets' show 'em how to play fantasy girl! I love you, Seahawks fan or not! BTW, I tried for Forsett in my other league last night and couldn't get him there either! That really bothers me, aybe we can trade for him.
    I'm so excited for football to begin! Such a great post, you have me totally in the mood now. Even HSN was selling football stuff last night and they had these cute purses and totebags~ lol! Oh, does your house get like mine when SF plays Seattle? Here when SF plays New England, it's war baby! lol
    As long as Dallas goes down, I don't care who wins! lmao

  5. no football in this house... our sport of choice is NASCAR racing! but so enjoy reading about your love of the sport!

  6. That's cool that you are doing fantasy football with Deb. My hubby is doing his lineup & his draft is Thursday night. We're Patriots fans.

  7. Go Niners!! Paul got me to sign up for a fantasy league on, which I have until Sept 8th to make my draft picks. Should start looking into that. And I keep meaning to make wee little girl some Niner gear to wear...

  8. The hubs LOVES baseball. It's on in the house ALL DAY. We have learned to compromise, but secretly I have also learned to love it a little bit, too ;)

  9. I'm not a football fan but my husband just did his draft. Forgot to ask him who he ended up with ;)


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