Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What does Blog Frog and Apple have in common?

Good afternoon!  Have you figured it out?  What Apple (as in the company, not the fruit!) and the Frugal Living Community at Blog Frog have in common?

Cards with both their logos arrived in an envelope in my mailbox.  See??

The hand written note from Lori at Blog Frog made me smile.  And what was inside the Apple card also made me smile.  Wanna know why?!  Look!

A $25 gift card to the Apple Store!!  I was a lucky duck and won one of the giveaways in the Frugal Living Community that launched last month!

Tappin' my toes and doing a major Happy Dance here....even my wee girl is getting in on the groove!

Hope your day is grooving too!!  Tell me what you are up to...I'd love to hear! :>


  1. well woot woot for happy mail...that's super fabbie:)

    I have the day off...happily crafting and not so happily cleaning..taking turns...the good with the bad:)

  2. Hi Karen - that is so cool that you got cards from both BlogFrog and Apple today. Sounds like you are quite appreciated by the companies and products you use. Thanks for being such a great customer! I forwarded your post to Lori so she could see it :)

    Holly (co-founder, BlogFrog)

  3. Oooow! Ooooow! Ooowwww! I'm doing the happy dance for you, too! Yeeeee Haw!

  4. Sounds like super happy mail day for you :) I hope your long weekend was a good one! Actually, I had a day off and therefor a long weekend, too. Doesn't it feel wonderful to sleep longer and enjoy some time with family and friends? I totally forgot about US Labour Day, so your comment made me do a happy dance this morning knowing that my overseas colleagues probably didn't "flood" my inbox while I was away, hehe ;-) Anyways, have a fabulous week, Karen!

  5. That's AWESOME! I am saving up for a Mac computer. What will you buy with your gift card?


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