Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I {heart} Fort Bragg: SITS Day Two

Its Day Two of SITS Back 2 Blogging event and today, we've been asked to "Re-upload a post you wish more people had read and explain why it was important to you."  

I wrote & posted Where I Wish I Was in June, 2009 when my blog was quite the youngin' at a whopping four months of age.  At that time, I was predominantly posting papercrafts, specifically, stamped cards.  So, this was one of the few non crafty posts that I had shared at that point.

Why is it important to me?  Fort Bragg is somewhere I love to go.  In fact, there is NO WHERE that I relax quite as fast as I do when Hubby & I drive into town.  Hubby & I have celebrated most of our anniversaries there.  Many bits of our wonderful Fort Bragg anniversaries remind us of our fantastic honeymoon in Seattle, Friday Harbor, Victoria & Vancouver.

Hope you enjoy taking a quick blogging trip to Fort Bragg with me as I stroll down memory lane! :>

Every year for our anniversary, hubby and I take off to Fort Bragg on the northern California coast. We absolutely love it there. I'm one of those people that has a hard time shutting off my brain and whenever I arrive in Fort Bragg, it always amazes me just how quickly I completely let go and relax! But, can you blame me?

This is the view, looking to the left, from the deck off of our room at the Beachcomber Motel. Sigh. Gorgeous panoramic views, fresh ocean air, and sleeping with the door partially open at night (yes, there's a security bar!)....its like heaven, to me.

Thanks to this lovely economy that so many of us are experiencing right now, we have made the decision to not go this year. Booooo!! Boooo!! The pricey projects around the house that need to be done will thank us for the decision, but I'm not too thrilled about being a responsible grown up right about now. Hmph! Thank you for indulging me in my pout for just a moment. Now, I'll move on! :>

I love this large single tree that I always watch (and take a gazillion pictures of every year) the sun slowly set behind. Each year we come back we always notice which limbs have crashed down below. These pics are from our 2007 trip. Somehow I forgot my camera in 2008 and so the only pics I have are from a disposable and are not on the computer.

In 2007, we lost our sitter, my Mom, at the last minute due to a family gathering and so we brought the kidlets with us and made it into a little family vacation. Consequently, we altered some of our activities that we usually do to accommodate young kidlets interests and patience levels.

Each year we gallery hop through Fort Bragg and Mendocino in search of a new piece of original art to give as our anniversary gift to each other. That particular year, we knew the kids would not be up to a long gallery hop, so we only visited about four or five. We also took them to the toy store, an ice cream cone after dinner, and a walk through town to eat it.

In the morning, after breakfast, we took the kidlets to what is always our last stop on the Sunday of our annual trip, Glass Beach. Our son had a blast climbing the rocks, checking out the sea critters, and looking for drift wood, cool rocks, and sea glass. While the larger pieces of glass have all been picked over through the years, there is a ton of little colorful pieces of ocean washed and smoothed glass all over the beach. And when the tide is out, there are great tide pools.....lots of sea weed to walk through, but wonderful treasures to look at!

You can see sea anemones, mussels, limpets, jelly fish, and a crab or two. Do you see him? If you can't, enlarge the pic by clicking on it. Say "Hi, Mr.Crab!!"

What? Are you coming to see us? Coming to say 'hello'? Hi Mr.Crab! Come closer, I want a better picture...please? Oh no, after this pic, he'd had enough and quickly scurried below the water.

Fort Bragg, Mendocino, and most of the northern California coastline is just a dream and I feel fortunate to live so close by. I know we'll make it out to the coast a few times this year and I really look forward to our next trip to Fort Bragg. Where are you looking forward to visiting soon?


Some thanks to shout out to Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances for sponsoring the Back 2 Blogging event put on by SITS!  And of course, Electrolux's Thelma & Louise are mighty beauties that will go to a blogger participating in this event! :>

So, over a year later, into fall rather than summer, I still ask again, where are you looking forward to visiting soon?

At home, I'm looking forward to visiting with family and friends who will be visiting two weekends in a row for a kidlet's birthday.  And after that, I'm looking forward to visiting my friend Jenn to celebrate her birthday! 

Your turn!  Looking forward to hearing what's coming up for you! :>


  1. It sounds like an absolutely lovely place. I am glad you can have such a wonderful trip each year. I am sorry you will have to miss it this year : ( You are so right, being a responsible grown up is very difficult! Darn it! LOVE your pictures. That tree is magically pretty!

  2. I love your photos. I went to Fort Bragg some time ago, but I don't remember it being so pretty.

  3. I REMEMBER this! Gosh, where has the time gone! I remember being astonished by your AMAZING photography skills and what a wonderful writer you are! This is a REALLY fun challenge you are doing! Best of luck, sweet girl!

  4. i am soo sorry that you are unable to go to for bragg! but i am sure as you say your house projects will thank you! maybe taking a mini holiday with the hubby will help even things out!


  5. so... i can totally see why you love that little spot of northern cali! your pictures are just fantastic. i'm sorry you didn't get to go last year, but i hope you went this year! hope your week is going well, so far... mines off to a good start! :)

  6. these are breathtaking pictures! thanks for sharing!

  7. What a beautiful place! I think its lovely to have a place where all your worries just fall away, and I'm sorry you won't get to go this year. (My fav place is the Outer Banks, and since we are living abroad right now, we've decided to pass on it next year and do more "local" travelling, so I appreciate how hard it is to give up).

  8. that first photo was gorgeous!

  9. What a fabulous location.

    I've lived in So Cal my whole life and have never been there!

    When we headed to Nor Cal, we usually went to San Luis, Morrow Bay and Santa Cruz.

    I'm adding Fort Braggs to my list!

  10. it does look very peaceful. hope you can go next year!! so pretty. i have never been that far west. your pics sure make me want to try to get out there some time.

  11. Good to read that again :) The pictures are beautiful, and can't wait to see the pics you get next time you can go, especially with how great a photographer you've become! Looking forward to visiting one of my favorite families in a little over a week :)

  12. I have never been to Fort Bragg...wonder how far away it is from me...I'll have to google that. It looks gorgeous absolutely amazing and like such a great tradition. The photos are stunning. Now...more coffee so I can finish up my other posts!


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