Monday, September 27, 2010

Google, the kidlets say. What about You?

How much fun is this uber awesome blogging & online world to you?! 

Well, its beyond fun, fabulous, & informational to me! 

How many times do you look up a word online?  Its spelling?  Its definition?  Its relevance?

I do.  I  use the net to look up spelling, definitions, word or topic relevance, or even words to make sure I'm remembering them right from oh so many years (decades) ago. 

My kidlets even tell me when I don't know the answer to one of their never ending list of questions, "Its okay, Mom.  You can Google it." 


What generation is this?!  Where did the world of cassette tapes & dictionaries & thesauruses & floppy discs & Pac Man & Frogger (my Atari favorite!) & library trips go?! 

Hmmmm....I got older.  When did this happen?! 

I grew up. 

And my kidlets now ask me questions.

And when I don't know the answer, they tell me to 'Google it'.


Google has become a family friend.

One we know intimately, for all the time we spend with it. 

Answers, information, pictures, images, maps, and even more answers.

"Google it.", my kidlets tell me.  There I will find our answer.

Funny enough though, *there* is where I find my next question.

So, *here* is where I ask you, what do you want to know next?! :>


  1. sigh...I'm so there with you..I miss the atari classics:)

  2. Our local science museum has had an exhibit for the last six months called "Videotopia: the history of video games." It's essentially an arcade with everything from early PONG to modern Wii games, and I've loved re-visiting things like Centipede, Frogger and Ms. Pacman :-)

    Our children are going to grow up in such a different world. Already both my kids are proficient with the iPad and will never know a world without cell phones. What is next? I have no idea. I guess I need to ask Google.

    Though I heard Michio Kaku on NPR yesterday saying we're only 10 years away from invisibility and a few centuries away from time travel. "So if someone knocks on your door claiming to be your great-great-great grandchild," he said, "don't slam the door!"


    Latest post: "5 Reasons I Suspect Sam-I-Am is Autistic"

  3. I was one of the poor kids that only had apple macs at home... No games for us! (We had one, but it was so difficult, we gave up)

    I must admit my closest friend is YouTube.... I want to know how to create bling styles in Photoshop! For now, I´m just buying one...

  4. i always marvel in google becoming a verb! it is a name that has taken on a second meaning. :)

  5. Visiting from SITS, I'm your newest follower!

  6. I'm already terrified because a local university has the first BOOKLESS library.

    I almost died.

  7. Visiting from The Blog Frog, your newest follower!~Lisa

    I am all a twitter about life

  8. Pretty soon all kids will have to carry is an iPad, BlackPad or kindle. They'll have all of their text books, reading books etc available in PDFs. Then they can write on them to their hearts content and will never have to worry about storing or selling back.

    Yesterday I saw a young girl reading "Witch on Blackberry Pond" on a kindle while she waited for her gymnastics class to start.

    I'm loving the technology age. And you can still find the old atari classics on your iPad. :)

  9. Oh my, it sounds like my house. My son never says look it up...he says check the computer. I have purposefully pulled out a dictionary for some of his requests. Such a different world...kind of like when I told him that we used to not have remote controls or 1,000,000 channels.


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