Saturday, September 4, 2010

{Sew} Small, {Sew} Strong

Do you remember the first fabby bag my best friend, Jenn, who works her magic with fabric & thread gave me?  I still use it for shopping, crafty playtime with friends, and even as an overnight bag when I turn in my Grown Up Card for a night.

Wee girl, my Princess, who loves all things creative & crafty (not to mention, anything that even resembles a purse!) mentioned that she would love a bag like Mama's to put her goldfish in when we head out for errands. 

And Auntie Jenn totally came through!  Princess' bags are significantly smaller, measuring (approx.) 9"x9"x4"...the perfect size for her to carry on her arm or shoulder.  And they are just as sturdy as Mama's bag, a la Jenn, with the straps wrapping all the way under the bags.

These bags aren't just for shopping!  Every week when Princess heads out to Grammie's for dance class, she packs her leotard & tights in there.  She's so proud to have her own bags, for her own 'stuff'.

I tried a few times, different locations, different lighting, but it was a challenge to pick up the subtly colored patterns...pale pink & white.  The first bag is a floral pattern, which shows up pretty well.  But, the second one is stars and moons, which I'm sorry that I was not able to capture the best.  (All pictures are clickable to enlarge.)

I must admit, I do love Saturdays!  Its my morning to sleep in....a pattern left over from the days of kidlets being babes and waking all hours of the night (a pattern that I have no intention of breaking anytime soon!).  I feel like Saturday mornings recharge me.  Its not just the bit of extra sleep, its waking to quiet, to no hungry tummies, no school lunch waiting to be made, no clock ticking, urging us out the door.  Its like a deep, fresh breath.

What recharges you?


  1. how wonderful your little princess now has her own little bags like mommys'! momentarily makes me wish i had a girl... what recharges me??? my little prince telling me: "mommy you're beautiful"! that and a glass of cold chocolate soy milk!!

  2. Karen, you did a great job with the photos! Cute patterns and bags! I can imagine your proud little princess carrying it around everywhere :)

  3. The bags look great! And I'm glad princess is finding multiple ways to use and enjoy them. It puts a huge smile on my face :)

  4. Well, darlin' - YOU cute thing! Gorgeous bag for your DARLING lil' gal and more food for thought! I do SO love me some extra sleep every now and then - but sometimes, it makes me MORE tired! {Want MORE!!!!} I'm fighting a lil' later afternoon out-of-body right NOW! - I'm thinkin' a "girly" excursion does the trick! hee hee But ALSO, a good movie night with the kids really warms me up, too! What fun thoughts! Thanks, love!

  5. So cute! I love that she wants to be like you so sweet.

    And thanks for your sweet tween on twitter tonight :).


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