Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inspiration: {Orange} You Lovin' It

With Autumn just around the corner, I am dreaming in hues of oranges, golden yellows, deep reds. Want to come along?

 '{Orange} You Lovin' It' by TimeCrafted

Bird Amongst Poppie...

Lunastrella Camera ...

Orange Cream Dewy R...

Leaves Falling On B...

4 ounce Soy Candle ...

Rose Hair Pins. Yel...

Kindness Freshwater...

Oranges and Cream B...

2 oz Bottle Sweet ...

Sale - Mini Orange ...

Candy Corn Loofah S...

Mini Yellow Buttons


Efflorescent - Fine...

Orange Cream Carame...


Note:  When I made this treasury in Etsy, it was four items across (like most!), but my blog's width only allows for three across, max.  Nevertheless, I'm still happy to share it.  You can also click HERE to see it as it was put together.  Oh yes, and don't forget to check out some of the Etsy sellers who make up that candyland of creativity & handmade goodness! :>

Early this morning, I awoke to a cold nose and when I pulled back the covers, I felt the chill in the air.

We had an unseasonably cool, completely atypical summer here this year. But, even with the marine layer hovering most mornings, leaving the sky dark until it burned off, sometimes into the early afternoon, the cool chill of the mornings did not speak of autumn to me.

This morning, when I pulled back the covers at the early morning hour, it did. I felt fall in the air. And I breathed in deeply.

What makes you *feel* fall is descending and on approach in the land you live?


  1. Loving those oranges!!!
    The leaves are starting to turn over here... dark skies with rain, things like that...

  2. what a gorgeous "treasury" of orangy items! fall is on its way here in the nw... crisp morning air, rain... how did your gfcfsf bread turn out??

  3. I ADORE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT LIFE! Sweet Kare, thanks for the perspective! I do love this season as well! I had a girl complaining it was SOOOOO cold as we walked to school and I had to LAUGH! Certainly colder than last week, but we still weren't seeing our breath or having any of the circumstances ANDI is experiencing. Yet, fall in Sonoma County is like a gift from God! I know the people in the EAST {and you used to be one of them..} get quite a show, but ours is pretty spectacular in it's own right! So as for my favorite fall thing -

    {I can't really pick ONE! But this should make a nice start .....}

    PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! Yummmmmmmm!

  4. i LOVES me some orange! and fall... aaaahhhhhh my most favorite season. almost here!!!!

  5. I love the chill in the air, the smell of freshly picked apples baking in a pie, the changing leaves...fall has arrived here in Maine!!!

  6. Thanks so much for the mention, friend! And glad you got the widget to work - it looks great!!

  7. Orange calls to me! Pumpkin ice cream is a favorite sign of fall for me, as is being able to sleep under a quilt.

  8. Orange...I love orange!

    Fall is the best season here...the sun that has been hiding all summer finally shines...the air is crisp and the pumpkins start to appear!

  9. Thank you for the tribute to my favorite color. I love orange.


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