Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Daffodils waving 'hello', trees flowering balls of pinks, purples, and whites, tulips smiling, hillsides blanketed in green, vineyards being cleaned up & prepped for the growing season, picnics being packed, daytrips being planned, dreams of veggie garden dance, children running, playing, laughing, and even the adults seem to be nicer! Spring has sprung and other than the fact that I live with a box of tissues glued to my face, I'm oh so enjoying it all. Are you?

A very determined weed in our backyard does have its pretty & entertaining side. My Princess loves to go out back, sing songs, and pick the pretty little blue flowers off of that weed.....and bring me sweet little bouquets! And ya know know its makes me SMILE!!!!!

Edited to Add:  Thanks to friendly people on flickr, I was informed that this is a Forget Me Not!  We just always assumed it was a weed because it wasn't there when we moved here and we never planted it and it just keeps coming back and back and back.....good thing for a flower picking, bouquet building wee girl/my Princess helping out with its pruning! :>


  1. It is hard to believe that flower is a weed!! :-)

  2. Dearest Karen,

    WHAT LOVELY PHOTOS! Spring for us is not here yet...only in my dreams, but I dream big and our spring will finally arrive just in time for my birthday in mid April. THANKS FOR VISITING! If you like whimsy, come visit me and my partners in creativity on NOWHERE and see a theatre show I made with original text and illustrations.

    You are a creative gal, you might get our humor in Nowhere!

    Have a lovely week, Anita

  3. oh hun, I have the tissues glued to my face too. Misery loves company! I finally have posted about the RAK I won from you. I started my 'thingie' for you, but you'll be surprised when you get it, I'm not gonna show it till AFTER~ So stop my my blog for a MAD RAK I'm doing when you get a chance! Isn't Anita lovely btw- love her.
    And you...xOxO

  4. Me too! Love spring. My motivation for pulling weeds is entertaining my dog. She loves to run with them all over the yard... weird but very funny.

  5. Oh, those are so pretty! We don't have a thing growing yet...except for more snow brewing in the forecast! I would take weeds at this point!

  6. Hi, Karen! Thank goodness Spring has arrived! Terrific photo! Brought an instant smile to my face! :-)


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