Saturday, February 19, 2011

{Wish} - Saturday Seven

List what you wish for whenever you see a shooting star, blow out birthday candles or drop a coin in a fountain.

Okay, so I {heart} this list prompt, but its actually a hard one for me!  I'm going to backtrack a bit as I know there are many who do no such wishing.  Are you a wisher?  I am!

I'm a wisher, a lover of daydreams, a writer of wish lists (not talking material wish lists here) and yet, I cannot write a list of things I wish for when the opportunities arise.

But, when a wish making moment presents itself, I'm there!

1) Birthday candles (which I did a couple days ago!), for sure.

2) In high school, we were all obsessed with necklace clasps that had fallen to the front being turned to the back and if your hands were on the necklace (regardless of who's necklace it was), you got in on the chance to make a wish.

3) Skipping down memory lane now....another high school (or Junior High?) wishing tradtion that I hopped on was when a digital clock read with all the same numbers across (aka 2:22, 3:33, 5:55, etc.).  Writing that sounds odd.  Oh well, we were taking every opportunity to get our {Wish} on!

4) When I first moved to this neck of the woods over fifteen years ago, I took drives into the country and was absolutely amazed at how many shooting stars I could see and ate up every single one I glimpsed.  I was wishing away at warp speed!

5) Speaking of stars....I still find myself wish I may(ing), wish I might(ing) on the first star I see at night!

6) Disneyland trips with the Four Musketeers had us dropping a coin into the wishing well. We all leaned in, eyes closed, silent (for once!) and wished, wished, wished.

7) And when I had kidlets, my wishing grew by leaps and bounds, as did my heart.  Suddenly, I was wishing, no longer just for myself, but for my own little family.  Can I just tell you how much fun that is?!

So, I eat up the wish opportunities, but what I wish for changes each and every time!  So, I suppose, I'm being a bit of a rule bender here (gasp!), in listing where those chances for wish making come from for me.  But, I think my old Girl Scout friend, Lizz of Am I a Funny Girl? will understand!  Go see what she wishes for, I know I will! :>

Are you a wisher?  What do you wish for?  When do you find yourself wishing away? Do you have a favorite wish locale or tradition?  I'd love to hear it!


  1. This was a beautiful post Karen! You should be a journalist! Maybe a sports journalist even, like for a certain football team!!!! Seriously, you write really well! Other than the ones you listed, we would make a wish when driving through a tunnel- we'd hold our breath, put our hands up and say "touch blue wish come true" or something like that! The only tunnel I remember was the one up in SF right before the GG Bridge! I always wish on rainbows too! Moving next week, woo hooo - WISH us luck everything goes smoothly and on time!!!! xOxO

  2. What a wonderful and sunshine filled post! When hard-pressed, I don't think I could list my wish either..."I wish I could win the lotto" is more like a mantra than a wish at this point ;)and I think "I wish for world peace" has been used already (although I DO wish for it!) Thanks for the inspiration to get in touch with my wishful dreaming this morning!

  3. Okay, HERE'S one! Holding your breath THROUGH tunnels and making a wish: if you make it all the way through, your wish will come TRUE!

    {You're hilarious!}

    I hope you had a spectacular BIRTHDAY, my dear! WE NEED to at least do a Chevy's rendezvous until we can swing a little MORE! {Hee Hee}


  4. I wish for my kids to find their path in this big world, to follow their passions and be successful and happy!

  5. I for sure am a wisher! I can remember twisting the stems off apples when I was in school, and every twist was a letter of the alphabet, and the letter you were at when the stem broke off was the initial of your next boyfriend! Oh, how I always hoped and prayed for that to come true!

  6. I always wish for familial health because I'm worried if I wish for anything else I'll jinx our health. kind of insane

  7. I totally forot about all of those wishing opportunities from middle school and high school! Thanks for the reminder!

    I will be wishing for a night full of sleep :)

    Stopping by from TRDC.

  8. What a great post! I had forgotten all those fun games from high school years. It makes me all warm-fuzzy-nostalgic.

    Like you, my wishes are constantly changing. I wish for the normal health and happiness, as well as getting the grape juice stain out of our new rug and being able to get through a whole car ride without having to listen to a toddler cd.


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