Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's on your list?

I'm making a list and checking it, not that kind of list!  Its February and on February 6th, the clock will strike for Superbowl Sunday!

And we've been seeing ideas for Superbowl food everywhere, from Guy Fieri's Tailgate Warriors on the Food Network to Pioneer Woman to Tidy Mom to the ever growing list of great food blogs.

Since football is a family affair here, we have to make sure that we have GFCF (gluten & casein, protein in dairy, free) options for our kidlet.  And I've spied a few options for this year!

First, while Hubs was sick last weekend, he was mindlessly watching the Food Network as he fell in and out of sleep.  He perked up when he saw Melissa D'Arabian making (spicy) kettle corn.  While he wasn't interested in the spicy part, he was interested in the 'kettle' part.  He made it the other night & now the kidlets are requesting it for Superbowl munchies and its being added to the list!

He pops popcorn for the kidlets every week for movie night and liked making it a little differently.  Speaking of different, have you ever popped popcorn & used ghee instead of butter on it?  Ghee is butter with the water & solids removed (making it casein free) or basically, ultra clarified butter.  And it is SO good on popcorn.  The popcorn stays crisp, not wet, stays fresh longer and did I mention its Really good?! So good that friends often request it....they call it crack corn, 'cause they just can't get enough! lol

Then I saw Pioneer Woman's Beef Fajita Nachos and by substituting Daiya vegan cheese on my boy's plate, the recipe is a go for us, and is being added to the list.  And since we're on P-Dub's site, I also spy her Shrimpo de Gallo, which looks delish and no substitutions necessary, so onto the list it goes as well!

Are you watching the Big Game on Sunday?  What's on your Superbowl tailgate food list?  If you're not into the Superbowl, what's your favorite party food?  Any cocktails you recommend?

And of course, since we're talking the NFL Superbowl XLV here, I've gotta ask, Green Bay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers???  Since The Bus' retirement, we're not fans of the Steelers here, so we'll be cheering on the Packers, loudly, I might add! :>


  1. We don't watch football...maybe in passing it may be watched for a few moments but not long. So no big food list here.

  2. that looks like a fine superbowl sunday list!! we are gearing up also. while i am not for either team it is THE game after all and what better excuse than to eat crazy fattening foods? i am ALMOST more excited to watch the Glee episode of Thriller after the game!

  3. Me too!!! I'm making a list too!!! I LOVE the superbowl!!! Think I'm going to make a big ol' bowl of guacamole, and make casadias (not sure how to spell that) with flank steak, cilantro, lime, cheese and tomatoes... yummmm!!!!!!

    Chips... gotta have some coronas for me, and sparkling cider for the kids!!!

    And I am going with the STEELERS! I swear I am the only person on the planet doing so!

  4. Your "football side" just cracks me up! I hope you have a WONDERFUL celebration, love o mine! Go: COMMERCIALS! {Hee hee}

  5. Ghee always reminds me of my Dad, because the first time I learned what it is was during a word game, and "ghee" was a word that he used. I've never consumed it. Where does one purchase ghee? I've never seen it at the grocery store.

    We're for the Steelers at my house, because our best friends are from Pittsburgh and are die-hard fans. To be honest, I'm mostly just watching because of the food, the commercials, and Keith Urban during the halftime show!

  6. Oh. No. DH said he wants the jersey back if you are cheering for the Packers. :) His family is from PA! I don't do the Steelers either, but don't tell him, 'K?

    I think we are going to have people over...DH got a 3D TV for the occasion. Unfortunately we can only afford 2 sets of glasses, so maybe just a party of 1? LOL

  7. Hey Karen!!
    I'll be right there with you cheering on the Packers!
    It is freezing here in Dallas, I mean, freezing. School has been closed the last 3 days due to icy roads...this has put a huge damper on the Superbowl. (and all my dr office are still closed.....ugh!) Can't even get to the grocery store, so we're supposed to that out over the weekend. Then I can get some Superbowl treats. I'm sure they won't be as fun as yours! I could go for a green and yellow martini at this point, I don't even care what's in it! xoxo

  8. We haven't even started thinking about food. Although I really want those nachos. Will you share?


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