Monday, February 14, 2011

Perfect Time

Thought that Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate some of the Little Things that Make Me Smile!

* Listening to the rain.....made me smile!

* Handing my girl a few sheets of cardstock and seeing her pull out a heart stencil, scissors & glue......made me smile!

* And then watching her hand crafting Valentine's for her Dad, brother, & I, all by herself today......made me smile!

* Tucking a mini Valentine into my boy's lunchbox this morning.......made me smile!

* Seeing him smiling & excited as he told me about his rockin' awesome day today.......made me smile!

* Hand cutting hearts for my family today.......made me smile!

* Opening the door this evening and seeing Hubs walking up with a pot of pink tulips in his hand.......made me smile!

* And then hearing that the tulips are for both wee girl and I....made me smile!

* Finally getting to see the Valentines that wee girl had spent all morning creating......made me smile!

* Having the whole family together.........makes me smile!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

What's making YOU smile today???


  1. aww. these are all sweet sweet things!! i smiled when i told my daughter i love her more and she said "impossible". i smiled when i got home and hubs had some chocolate covered strawberries for me!

  2. I'm glad your day was jam packed with smiles!

  3. Happy V-day to you too! these are all such nice things to be happy about, it was fun reading them.

  4. In a word - YOU!

    Thanks for celebrating the things that REALLY matter!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! AACK! It's TODAY! I love you, girly - girl! Have a FANTASTIC one!

  5. Kate does a lot of stenciling at school, and it's so pretty!

    Homemade art pieces make me happy, and adorn my pantry doors!


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