Monday, January 31, 2011

My {Project Life} will keep me saying 'Yes'!

Look!  Look what arrived on my doorstep this evening!  Its Becky Higgins' Project Life - Turquoise Edition!

I am a traditional scrapbooker, love my paper, love cutting and pasting, love glitterfying (okay, so that's my word :>), getting inky, and most of all, getting our family memories down in a tangible way.  But, as of late the last several years, I haven't been doing that.

When I began scrapping, I was not married, did not have kidlets, and was scrapping in a whole other style.  Then I graduated from college, got married, had a couple of fantastic kidlets, went on an autism crash course, and learned to balance a whole lot.

However, one thing that got lost in the balance in the last two years was scrapbooking, documenting the itty bitty, the fireworks, the mundane, the heart wrenching and heart warming moments in our lives.

And I've known for awhile now, that I need to find a better way to make scrapping work for me, for us.  I don't want to miss any more of those big and small moments.  And now I won't have to.  Its a month into 2011, but I don't feel behind at all, because that's the great thing about Project Life....I can pick it up right now, work on it right now, make progress right now, document right now.  And I'm uber happy about that!

I'll still do the creative scrapping for the kidlets baby albums and the other years that I already have started (goodness knows I have the supplies for it!), but for 2011, I'm going to work on keeping track of our lives through Project Life....simplified & smile worthy! :>

Disclosure:  The photo & links are Amazon affiliate links.  If you want to learn more about the person behind the product, Becky Higgins' blog link is in my sidebar, though she has no idea who I am.  Happy memory keeping! :>


  1. I am equal parts PROUD and inspired by YOU! This is FANTASTIC, Kare! I can't wait to see what you do!!!!

  2. Nice post -- and inspiring. Hopefully we can inspire each other to continue with this as I am just getting my kit now too! Oh, I'm following you on Twitter now too! Thanks!

  3. My friend has been doing this and LOVES it!! So happy for you! Can't wait to see your completed projects!

  4. I´m using Project Life to document my project (new) life. I´m only half way through the 2010 album yet, but I love it! Loads of potos from the flat, drawings and sketches, shopping lists and wallpaper samples. I should post a photo!

    I can not wait to see what you do with it Karen, I´m sure it will be amazing. (I love this video:

  5. I didn't realize I had never been to your blog before my tweet buddy! Love it, and following. Good for you for making time for scrapbooking. :)
    xoxo @snackygirl


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