Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Roofline's Peaceful Offering

Beautiful Build

Every school day, when my little Princess & I go to pick up her big brother at school we take in a bit o' peace before the flood of kidlets spill out of the classrooms into the open hallways.

Some days, we stay in the car and sing away to whatever music we've got playing and many other days, we go into the hall outside the classroom and quietly wait for the bell to ring.  On those days, when the sky is dry, we like to look up!

Look Up!

The school is still quite new and the open air hallways are covered by the most beautiful planked ceilings.  At the roofline, the red tiled roof against the blue sky is striking.

We both look up and smile.

Then the bell rings and a sea of kidlets overtake the halls!

Where do you find those little smile worthy, peaceful moments in your day?

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Live and Love...Out LoudDear Crissy


  1. Yeah! I can see those smiles. :)
    So well written.

  2. We had outdoor schools in California when I was growing up. It was nice to get fresh air between classes. Here that would never work because it's freezing and gross in the winter and hot and gross in the summer.

  3. I love to discover new ways to look at things. Great post!

    Visiting from SITS...you now have a new follower, I hope you will visit me too!

  4. I love peaceful, quiet moments like these also. It's always nice to slow down and enjoy them, isn't it? And how wonderful to teach the wee princess to do the same!


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