Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She caught me...I've been tagged!

Through a connection made on Twitter, I've been tagged by Laurie (@mylivingpower) of Living Power and now I'm 'It'!  So, I'm going to channel my kidlet-hood and play tag!

And as 'It', I'm to share seven things you may not know about me...so, here we go!

1)  I love color!  Okay, so that might not have been so much of a surprise, but I love the whole spectrum.  And while the colors that I lean more strongly towards change as the beat of time marches on, I do adore the entire box of Crayolas!

2)  Another love?  Writing.  I have since I was a kidlet.  And after so many years of writing term papers in my college days, I had gotten away from it.  I've missed my old friend and have been having fun, bringing her out, dusting her off and playing.  Blogging, microfiction Mondays, Writer's Workshop, and You have all helped me dive back into that word filled pool!

3)  Animals make me smile....in between sneezes!

4)  The Northern California coastline is a beauty to be breathed in.  When I'm there, the environment literally melts away any stress.  I'm just a puddle of happy goo when I leave....always already looking forward to the next chance to hop on over.

5)  My family are Post-it Note junkies!  Yes, we are beyond addicted to them.  They are everywhere.  You know you are a family with a Post-it problem when your littlest, who is just learning to read now, has been writing notes on them and hanging them in her room for over a year.  Is there a twelve step program for Post-it addiction???  Though, if we went to that, then we'd also need to go to a Learn to Jog your Memory Without Little Colorful Squares of Paper bootcamp!

6)  I was a Girl Scout from 2nd grade (Daisies didn't exist back then) all the way up through high school and registered as an adult Scout for a bit after that.  I was a Girl Scout on both coasts.  I made so many fantastic friends through Girl Scouts and quite a few I'm still friends with today, including my Four Musketeers!

7)  My feet are too big for my height.  Seriously.  No, really.  I wear a size ten shoe and yet, I'm only 5'5".  Everyone I know with feet above a shoe size 9 are all 5'7" and up.  Stay with me here!  There's merit in my theory...really.  I am convinced that the reason I trip over my own feet is because they are simply too big for my height.  A perfectly valid theory....I'm not uncoordinated, just have incorrectly sized feet! ;>:>

And since my seventh bit o' me has digressed to my feet I think its a great time to start tagging some other fantastic people so we can learn more about them!  And since I got tagged via Twitter, I think its only appropriate that I continue to play there.

So, I'm reaching out to tag:

@MinkyMoo who blogs at Dial M for Minky (Moo)
@thienkim who blogs at I'm Not the Nanny and Cup of Creativi-Tea
@libismorgan who blogs at Am I a Funny Girl? and Not Just Thursdays
(Lizz is another one of those old Girl Scout friends!)
@beeswithhoney who blogs at Bees With Honey
@CarriBrown who blogs at Adventures in Mommyhood
@30daysblog who blogs at Thirty Handmade Days
@adventuresgfmom who blogs at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom

Whether you visit them via Twitter or their blogs, there is a little something for everyone as I've linked up some Mama bloggers, some funny gals, some creative & crafty, a camera loving photo gal, and a gluten free, allergy blogger.  And guess what?!  They are all Oh So Worth the Click! :>


  1. Love all the tidbits of information. Post-its must be something that paper addicts love, because I'm also addicted. And I never thought to say my feet are incorrectly sized. I'm 5'6" and also have a size 10 shoe. I'm afraid that if I ever get pregnant they'll grow, and I can't deal with anything bigger!

  2. Love all these little "notes" about you...we also had a post-it note addiction when Jacob was little. He LOVED them! He would write stories on them - they literally COVERED the walls of my mom's house. And of course, she never took them down :)

  3. I still have to do this! I promise I will this weekend...I have no brain retention lately. I broke my brain when I broke my toe!


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