Saturday, January 15, 2011

KT Tunstall's kickin' it in my head!

Been playing my Inspiration Everywhere iTunes playlist and just can't get KT Tunstall and her "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" outta my head! Sooo...thought I'd share a little YouTube video fun with you.

Here's the music video to go with the song:

And here, she lays down all those sounds, all those rhythms, one on top of the other.  This performance is both wee girl and my favorite!

What songs get your toes a tappin'? Share a favorite video (one that us Mamas don't have to race to shield a kidlets' eyes or ears for please....or at least a warning to watch without them :>), I always love some blurf (blog surf) enabling!

Annnnnnd........are you cheering a team on this weekend for the NFL playoffs??  In case you didn't know (;>), I AM!  Seattle Seahawks are playing Chicago Bears and its an all out call for Seahawk blue this weekend......GO HAWKS!!! 

Hope your weekend is fun, full o' laughter, & simply fantastic! :>


  1. You are SO fun, Kare! I love your spirits! GO.... FOOTBALL! Yipeeee!

  2. Oooh, I had not heard that one before, but I'm sure I'll play it again! I'll have to think about a fave...


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