Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can You Handle a Little Playtime? {Wordful Wednesday}

Can you?  Can you handle a little playtime?

We can & we did.

Did you play with me for one Wordful Wednesday back in October when I cropped in on the photo?  Well, I was editing photos for another post, when I cropped in and saw this:

Fun with Acrylic Paints

(These are more fun, if you don't scroll down right away! :>)

What do you see?

What do you see besides a boat load of pink? 

Do you have any idea what it is?


Truthfully, if I didn't participate in the process & take the pic, I wouldn't know.  But, I did still enjoy seeing something else entirely once the photo was cropped down. :> 

The red looks something like a cross between a road runner, a turkey, and an alpaca running to me!  But, its really a part of this:

Wee girl & I had some fun with acrylic paints, our hands & making hand prints!  Just before I washed this already drying paint off, I snapped a pic.  Thankfully, acrylic paint comes off easy peasy in the sink and I'm no longer sporting a pink mitt!

We've been having a lot of creative fun since her big brother returned to school last week from Winter Break.  There's been acrylic paint (a lot o' pink), watercolors, construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, and more Inspiration Everywhere projects, which I will continue to share as I complete them (including the page that painted hand stamped itself upon).

Thanks for stopping by today!  What has the New Year brought your way?

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  1. There's just SOMETHING about paint! Sheesh, girl! YOU guys had some FUN! Talk about getting INKY! Oh, yeah! You got PAINTY! Smashing work, dear! So glad you shared the fun!

  2. I would have never guessed it was your hand, haha. I love the color pink and LOVE acrylic paint.

    Thanks for your visit, hope you have a great week.

  3. So fun. I totally think the red looks like a peacock. :)

  4. Cool! I never would have guessed that was your hand!

  5. You're right, we were soooo on the same wavelength! I love photographing my paint smeared hands. In this case hubby photographed mine.

  6. You and the wee girl sure do have some fun! I wanna come over and play at your house!


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