Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Circle Photo Fun - Wordful Wednesday

Currently, I'm in the middle of the Great Next Camera Debate and rather than clicking mine, I've been reading about them. So, I thought its only fitting to give my current (point & shoot) camera the proper send off to Back Up Status (once I make up my mind what camera I want to get!) and share a couple of my favorite pics taken with it!

Circle Round

Last year, I was clicking around the backyard and became very interested in something I never use....the upside down charcoal starter.  (Hubs does the BBQ'ing here!)  I took quite a few shots of it, but the ones I fell in love with were taken through one of the outer holes.

Circle Rounds

And then I played around with them while editing.  These two versions (they are two different captures) have the saturation pulled down & cranked up.

I have oodles beyond oodles of favorite kidlet pictures, but these are two of my favorites not from the Energetic-Moving with Super Speed-Smiley-Targets pool!  If you're on Flickr, come say hello and I'll come visit you!

And hey, if you have any camera recommendations, I would luuuuvvvvv to hear it! :>

Its Wordful Wednesday time & I'm linking up:


  1. Wow, those were taken with your point and shoot? Those are so cool!! I've also been wanting a new camera. Preferably a DSLR!!!

  2. You are SO clever! THAT'S one artistic piece of photographic magic, sweet lil' Kare! I LOVE this!

  3. I love messing about with my photo editing program. Its fun checking out the different settings and adding fun scripts to a photo. These are so dynamic. Great job.

    visiting from SITS

  4. Wow, you're super talented! I am dreaming of a Canon Rebel... We've had a couple of Canon Power Shots, but I'm ready for a DSLR too.

  5. Wow, you're so talented! I'm dreaming of a Canon Rebel. We've had a couple of Canon Power Shots, but I'm so ready to move up to a DSLR too.

  6. Love these photos - they just prove my point that as long as you know how to use your camera, you can make fabulous shots with it - no matter what kind it is.
    I have a canon rebel xsi and LOVE it! Since I got my first rebel, I haven't been able to go back to the point and shoot type cameras - not even to carry in my purse! (they are all in my "museum" now) hee hee If you get a dslr, you will love it! It is wise to read up on them first and also to go to a camera shop to buy one. Try them out first - hold them, shott a few pics, try working the dials and buttons. See what "fits" you best. It's a big investment, but a fun one, for sure!

  7. Cool! I'm so spoiled by my DSLRs that I always find myself yelling at my point and shoot when I have to use it. I should try to make it work for me better!

  8. Those are great shots! I would loveeeee to get a new camera! I would probably go with a Nikon or another Canon, really have loved my Canon cameras!


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