Saturday, January 8, 2011

Will you {Indulge} me for a minute??

Generally there's a creative share here, but also those Little Things that Make Me Smile.  And if  you'll {indulge} me for just a minute (pretty please?), I have a little thing that has elicited cheering, shouting, and yes, outright screaming at the box in the room playing the Saints vs. Seahawks playoff game today.

The 12th Man rocked today as it prompted the 107th False Start as the loudest stadium in the League.  That's pretty amazing considering that its an outdoor stadium...its louder than the domes!!!

And while I'm in California, I asked those fantastic Boys in Blue via Twitter, if my screaming still counts and was ensured that it does!

I'm a happy gal & thankful for my Niners loving family & friends (Hubs, son, Jenn, Deb, Siobhan, and Falcons fan, Wayne) who were willing to cheer on the Hawks today! :>:>

Are you cheering any team on during this NFL playoff season?


  1. Yahoo!!! No, I didn't watch:)

    But love a happy fan!!

  2. You SLAY me, girl! Your excitement is AWESOME!

  3. i'm not a fan of football by any stretch of the imagination and didn't watch the game today, but well... you can imagine my utter amazement and delight to learn that they had beat the Saints! all i can say is...the HAWKS ROCK!!!!

  4. All I want to know...did you wear "the" jersey?! I am telling you, I think I sent you some luck! LOL ;) It was a GREAT game!!


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