Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday's Surprise & Microfiction Monday

Microfiction Monday again here! I'm having so much fun playing along, I hope you'll join Susan, who hosts & the rest of us, who play! :>

I had hoped to post this earlier, but as I spent the night in the Emergency Room with my son, obviously, my attentions were elsewhere. He hit his chin mighty hard and got stitched up. And he handled the whole experience like a rock star (quite better, actually)!

Set to breach the riverbank's rim, the mind numbing fog rose to greet the town's inhabitants, ready to void their memories...and begin again.

(139 characters, including spaces & punctuation)

Hope you are off to a great start of the week!  We've started a wee bit bumpy, but when your kidlet finishes the night, telling you he had fun in the Emergency Room and was glad that you were there, I'd say that bit o' bumpy has smoothed out just fine. :>


  1. Well done. I found the picture to be a "moody" piece, too.

    Sorry your son was hurt, but glad he's okay. Those stitches will be a trophy today. He'll enjoy the attention from his pals. LOL

  2. Spooky! I'd rather keep my memories so I'll steer clear of this river fog!

  3. Mind numbing and bone chilling! Thanks-

  4. Rainy, misty weather can have an amnesiac effect all right.

  5. Karen;

    Hope your son is better. I remember those days in emergency! Tisk.
    The picture is moody and cold to me.
    Your MF was right on!

  6. Love that mysterious fog and always curious as to what it has hidden! I think a lot of us felt the "mystery" in this foggy pic! Terrific one for the day! Hope you have a great week!


  7. "void their memories"

    Love that. Could be the start of a horror tale.

  8. Very cool!

    I hope that your son is okay!

  9. Spooky! M. Night Shamalyan may need to hire you. :O)

  10. Loved this! Could be right out of a Stephen King novel...maybe you could do something more with it, even...who knows.
    Sorry about your son's 'bump' but glad that he held up fine.
    Have a great week. Cheers~

  11. Oh no! *HUGS* poor little son. I'm glad he didn't panic. I enjoyed your thought-provoking MFM. Take care, Karen.

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  12. thaank you! glad you liked it ;P

    love, polly

  13. Ooh, I like this one! Sounds like the beginning of an intricate murder mystery to me...Hope the little one is doing ok. Bumps like that can be scary for mom too! Hugs


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