Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wanna Play? What do You see?

Initially, I was going to use an Autumnal photo that I took today, but when I hit the photo files, I was surprised to find a picture that I took a few days ago that caught my eye.  So, I'm running with a summer send off (its been warm here)!

Tell me what you see! :>  (Its more fun if you don't scroll down all at once.)

I kept magnifying this particular pic and was mesmerized by the shapes in its interior.  Like this one:

I kept thinking those spokes look like little Empire State Buildings in a cloud.  Do you know what it is?

What if I give ya a little more to look at?  Empire State Buildings & corn husks & cotton & fireworks...that's what I see, even knowing what it is.  What do you see?

See?!  A last bit of summer has popped its way up between two pavers and just before my Princess went to pick it to spread seeds for even more (please don't, baby girl...love my dandelion bouquets you bring me, but it would be nice to have lush green lawn too!), I snapped the shutter.

Do you still see summer where you live?  Have all the remnants of summer gone for you now?  What does the land look like where you live this October?

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  1. Hi Karen, it's definitively beginning to get chilly and a bit foggy around here (but we're still in the low 70s in the afternoon), the leaves start to color... Thanks for sharing your pretty photo find :) What a great reminder to take some pictures of this beautiful time of the year!

  2. WOW! I see FIREWORKS! Sparklers! I guess it's mother nature's sparkler! You're SO amazing, Kare! What an excellent snapshot of "Mother's" wonder! {You're awesome!}

  3. Super fun photo!!!!! Today's high will be 68.. this is the time of year when it is summer one day, winter the next, fall somewhere in there.. Tomorrow? Rain.Thunder. I'll take today!

  4. that picture is amazing! fall is creeping in and i can't wait to ride my bike through orange, red & yellow leaves! i love the sound it makes!


  5. I love the way you did this. I too thought of sparklers.

  6. WOW!!! that is sooo cool. I didn't think that was what it was at first. I was thinking firework or something. Thanks for sharing. so much beauty in a week. :) thanks for linking up. Hope you have a great rest of the week.

    xo, Supermom Alysha

  7. That's amazing! It made such a different photo. I thought it was sparklers. Summer is gone and I'm happy, because I love fall.

  8. That was such a cool sequence! It's finally cooling off some here, so we can enjoy opening the windows.

  9. hi karen! finally got some time to sit and read your post. when i first saw your picture it reminded me of wheat! but as i scrolled down to the other pics, i realized it was a dandelion! cool picture. summer is struggling to hang on in western washington. i'm enjoying the relatively warm weather, but today is rather soggy, ie rain!! have a lovely weekend...

  10. Oh my gosh - that is so cool. You need to do that in a frame with all the steps. It is a great photos - you have some serious skills.

  11. Hey there, hope the week is off to great start for you :) As for your question, our winter term is mid October to March with a two weeks break for Christmas and then the summer term is mid April till the end of July. Unfortunatly, where I am, they decided to have most of the tests in the semester break... Oh well, that too shall pass ;-) Hope you get some crafty time, soon!

  12. well, i never would have guessed that. too kewl friend.


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