Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look what followed me home!

This lovely, beautiful piece of crafty joy has been on my wishlist for awhile now. And when Hubby suggested that I go pick something out for myself for my birthday, I knew exactly what would be coming home with me! Now, I just need to some pretty little bits to run through her!

So, I bought her for what she can DO, right?! But, once I took her out of her packaging, I started looking at her and saw the two little bits o' bling on her front.....I got excited. And then when I noticed the larger piece on her handle, I had to share.....but, I didn't neccessarily share my joy with the right person.... Hubby was in the room with me, the kidlets were already in bed (I should have waited until I could show my wee daughter, who gets uber excited at all things pink and sparkly!), and so I bubbled on about how cool my lovely new tool is and look!, there's bling on her!! His response? To smack himself on the forehead and reply, "TOOLS are Not Supposed to have bling on them!!!" I just laughed and continued on with my own personal Happy Dance! :>

But, wait! There's more! In my birthday trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum post, I mentioned that my friend Jenn is creatively talented too (she sews, quilts, & does needle work) and that she sent me home with one of her creations.

I'd been eyeing one of her utility/shopping bags for awhile now. I have about a dozen (mostly from Trader Joe's) already. But, none are as fabulously chic, practical, and as super strong as hers are. I paid her (another) compliment on it and next thing I knew, she had taken it off the hook with her other (also fabulously chic) bags and handed it to me! She's creatively talented and plenty generous...thank you, Jenn!

The uber cool fabric she got at SCRAP, in San Francisco. I cannot wait to go with her sometime soon! What is also really cool is that the straps she's sewn onto the bag, go all the way around the bag, from the top, stitched down the sides, under the bottom of the bag, and back up again, making it extremely sturdy and able to hold a lot. And because the straps are long enough, its really easy to carry, even when loaded because it can just be slung onto your shoulder (instead of pinching your fingers to a bright pink, like many of my reusable grocery bags do).

I broke this gorgeous bag in with a trip to JoAnns with Jenn. And since I was with my great friend who sews, my bag was filled with my purchases, which were all fabric and a few patterns. I have a wonderful sewing machine, but other than some very square items with nothing more that a straight stitch involved, I haven't used it a lot. I really want to correct that and learn to sew.............MUCH better and more than I do now. But, in the meantime, the fabrics I picked up all have papercraft projects calling out to me! Maybe I'll have to use one of them for the current Everything But The Kitchen Sink challenge, calling for.....fabric! :>

Today is the last day to enter my Birthday Blog Giveaway for a Papertrey Ink gift certificate! Just as a reminder, here are the deets:

"Since the whole month of February is a celebratory month for me, I am leaving the giveaway open for the whole month for you. Every comment made on my posts in February, starting with this one, will give you an entry in the drawing for the PTI $25 gift certificate. If you like my blog, I would love for you to follow me, but it is not a requirement. And if you blog about the giveaway, you will get an additional three entries (either leave me the link in your comment or you can email me). "

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! The sun is back out here and Hubby is going to BBQ tonight! One kidlet is in 'imagination land' doing a Space Police mission' (aka playing with Legos) and the other is wearing her apron & chef's hat and whipping up a delish (pretend) pineapple, onion, peach, and cauliflower soup. What's shaped up this weekend for you?


  1. Having a Big Shot would be so awesome. Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. I got my Big Shot just before Christmas, and I LOVE it! I would recomend that you have a look at the site, they have a lot of great offers!

    Your new shopping bag is stunning! And it matches your new toy! I can not wait to see what you create with it :-)


  3. Hey Big Shot! ;) Can't wait to see what you do with her! And your friend Jenn is quite a talent on the sewing machine and clearly generous. I have been meaning to make some shopping totoe for myself and just aven't gotten to it. I love her design with the wide top and the wrap around straps. Brilliant! AND, I can't wait to see what you make with your fabbie fabric load from Jo's!!!

  4. Scrapalicious!!! I have one of these babies, too!!! Gorgeous, aren't they?? Happy Birthday extras!!

    Lovely bag. And I saw that exact same challenge with fabric.. I've got my thinking cap on:)

    Oh.. Sunshine? YES! First gorgeous days in ages!!!

  5. OMG, you got the Big Shot! You brat! lol Look at it all pink and sparKly! I can't wait to see what you make. And SCRAP, where the hell is that? I need to check it out!
    What is happening to SF, all these cool places now that I haven't been to before! I need to move back, that's it! xOxO

  6. Karen: Thanks for wishing me luck with my new blog!

  7. Hi Karen,
    Hope you had a great birthday month. Love the tote that you friend Jenn made. So cute!! See ya soon

  8. Haha, men! I think, I little bit of bling never hurts :) Congrats on your new "baby"!! Your new bag looks great. Your friend got talent! So thoughtful to attach long handles to carry it over the shoulder - I bought me a cute bag for grocery shopping and rarely use it for exactly that reason. I'm already curious what you have in store for the EBTK challenge!

  9. What awesome birthday gifts Karen...:) I'm sure you will get a lot of mileage out of them! :)

  10. i just ordered my big shot online! can't wait to get it and play with it!! can't wait to see what you create!

  11. Happy Birthday. What a great gift! And I can't wait to see what you do with your fabric for EBTKS!

  12. It's nice you get to pick out your own birthday present! of course I have to say the bag from your friend is gorgeous! lovely fabric choice and nice that it is so sturdy

  13. Congrats on the big shot!! I love love love mine!! Definitely a great purchase!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  14. Ladies, you're making me blush:) Half the good looks of the bag comes from Karen's great picture-taking! And hard not to be generous to such a great friend :)

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