Friday, September 2, 2011

Red Writing Hood: Time to Tell

Grabbing four plates from the vintage hodgepodge collection in the worn wooden cupboards, Maggie drifted through dreamlike memories of treasure hunting at yard sales with Grams while she set the table.

Lauren brought over the food she’d been creating; hot steam with enticing aromas wafted up, filling the room.  Speeding to the other end of the beach house, Cassie almost ran Adrianna over; along with the drinks she was making for all of them.

Looking in the mirror, Cassie was near tears.  The morning sickness had decreased dramatically over the last week.  But, one deep breath swirling in what would normally be delicious scents as she rose from the couch she had been resting on and she couldn’t get to the bathroom fast enough.

Telling these women that she was pregnant wasn’t something she was quite ready to do.  Cassie felt the squeeze of her reality changing.  She knew they would support her; of that, she had absolutely no doubt.  Unfortunately, knowing that didn’t make the confession any easier.

Facing that reality, she cleaned up and joined her friends at the table, just as Adrianna set a martini down in front of her.

“What’s up, Cass?” Adrianna asked, but all six of their eyes were layered with questions.

“My stomach’s off a bit.”

Lauren was next, “Hmm…you don’t look sick. But, you don’t exactly look right either.  I thought you were just tired, but…”

“Cassandra.  Tell us.”  Adrianna wavered between concerned and annoyed.  Their friendship had been through the grinder this last year.  Maggie had all but disappeared and Cassie had been quieter than usual for the last few months.

She momentarily closed her eyes, resolving herself not to cry.  Opening them, she blurted it out.

“I’m pregnant.”

Stunned silence fell on the table.  Cassie counted her heartbeats.  When her eyes began to gloss over, she knew either she spilled it or she would loose the fingertip grip on her resolve.

“It’s his.  Don’t.  Please, don’t.  I know.  I didn’t know then. I loved him.  At least I loved the man I thought he was.  For eight months, I couldn’t get enough of him.  It was like I was drunk on him.  Turns out I was stupid drunk…”

Maggie was quick to defend Cassie.  “You’re not stupid.  So your emotions carried you away.  It happens.”

“Mags, I was stupid.  You all warned me, so many times.  If I had looked closer, I might have seen what was apparently writing on the wall.  Scratch that, it was freakin’ written in the sky!  I ignored it all.  I…he….”

“So, you’re not still with him?”  Lauren wanted answers.  “What about the baby?”

“I’m not sure yet.  I’m almost through my first trimester now.  And no, we’re not together anymore.  He…”  She choked on the words.  It was so humiliating.

Lauren wasn’t letting go.  Cassie couldn’t blame her.  “So, does he know?  Is he going to help?  He has a responsibility.”

“No.  He doesn’t know.  I haven’t spoken to him since…  He doesn’t know.  I’m pretty sure he won’t want to participate at all.”

“Why not?”  Maggie was puzzled.

“Her.  They’re getting married.”

All three of them began firing questions, wanting to know the dirty details she had been leaving out for the last half a year.  Her eyes started swimming again.

Adrianna came to her rescue.  “Since you can’t have this, I’m stealing it.”  With a wink, Adrianna began sipping on Cassie’s martini.

Lauren’s narrowed eyes kept firing silent questions at Cassie.

Maggie sighed, “We have all weekend.  I’m sure there’s a lot for all of us to catch up on.”

While she suspected Maggie had her own confessions to share, she was thankful for the temporary reprieve. 

 Write on Edge (formerly The Red Dress Club) has us focusing on transitions for Red Writing Hood this time.  They've prompted us to:  "write about a season of change for your character or you. It can be literal or metaphorical."

If you are interested in more of their story, you can read about Cassie in R.S.V.P. & Kick Ass Shoes and Maggie in Getting There & Home.  This piece takes place right after Home.

And today, all four of the gals are here:  Adrianna, Lauren, Maggie & Cassie.  I thought this was the perfect time to come back to Cassie's pregnancy and her Time to Tell!  Hope you enjoyed it! :>


  1. I did enjoy this and I will have to go back and make sure I read the others because I'm following along. I like your spin on the prompt today!

  2. Such a hard conversation to have, and you balanced the various characters voices and reactions well.

  3. I love that Adrianna broke the tension with the martini stealing. We all need a friend like that ;)

    Nice job; I thought you captured both the ease between them and the slight tension that happens when friends have been out of touch.

  4. This flowed well, the conversation worked. You could feel the ease between the friends but also the disappointment that is there when a secret is finally shared.

  5. Go you! I love that you went for disclosure, honesty, letting her friends in as the change!

    It was a great snapshot of how they reacted to each other. The ending was fabulous, too!

  6. Oh this is getting so good. I'm all ready for more secrets and sharing and stuff.

  7. Wow! Skillful writing and a very intriguing plot. Next chapter please!

  8. Right on. I commend you on your use of the word
    Hodgepodge. It's under-rated and you used it perfectly. *Fist bump*. Oh. And the rest of the story was awesome too.

  9. A realistic convo between good friends. I think it was well-played.

    One typo: .. Cassie almost ran Adrianna over; along with the drinks she was making drinks for all of them.

  10. I like how you manage, so such a short space, to make a crowd of women each have their own personalities. So often, it's a challenge to keep them all straight. You totally nailed it.

    I, too, love the martini swipe. That was exactly what they needed at that moment!

  11. wow girl. such a way with words.. loved it


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