Monday, September 12, 2011

Fantasy Land

I let my mind wander a bit into Fantasy Land here and some of the things that could possibly change in that magical land.

~ A snooze button for time itself:  to get in more sleep, more playtime, more time to soak up kidlet cuteness, to make a beautiful day last longer.

~ An unlimited travel budget, not because I have a long list of exotic locales on my list that I want to travel to (I leave that to my brother), rather so that I can visit my peeps easily, to return with my husband to Vancouver, take him to New Orleans, and stay at the coast often.

~ And the power of Mary Poppins, to sing a song and have everything magically find it's proper home lickety split!

~ Rainbows coloring the sky at least once a week.

~ Ooo...speaking of the skies, personal weather dials would be pretty nifty.  Some could keep summer around all year.  Me?  I'd opt for crisp, sunny, Autumn!

~ And up in those gorgeous, crisp, sunny Autumn skies, how about some superpowers in this magical Fantasy Land o' changes?  Flying, soaring through those skies would be darn smile worthy.

~ Since we're talking superpowers here, how about magically knowing winning lottery numbers?!  I guess that would take care of the unlimited travel budget. ;>

~ Oh wait!  I've got it!  Skip that unlimited travel budget and the winning lottery numbers, if I could teleport myself anywhere, none of that would be necessary!

I think I'll end there before I escape into Fantasy Land any longer.  I don't have a way to stop time and despite my never ending search for her, I still don't know how to track down Mary Poppins to sing my house into order.

So, I'm off to clean for company later this week and take care of my wee girl, who's home sick from school.  It's an uber exciting day here, I know!

But, that's okay.  This week is bracketed by a crazy wonderful weekend and another fun one coming up!


  1. I am coming with you. I would say give me five to pack my bags but I guess they are magically ready at the doorstep anyway.
    Then again, life is pretty grand anyway! I do hope you girl feel better, like right now. Magic or no magic.

  2. I would love a snooze button for JDaniel. He is always awake.

  3. Oh how nice to be in your fantasy land. Love your post!

  4. I'm in.
    So glad I found your blog - a celebration of creativity.
    My favorite one is the "snooze button for time." As a mom I sure would use it. If you ever invent or find one let me know.

  5. Fun list! Someone needs to invent teleportation, stat.
    Hope your daughter is feeling better!

  6. I would LOVE a snooze button for time itself!! I need the extra hours in my day!

  7. Ooooohhh... I'd totally have an unlimited travel money and the power of Mary Poppins. Good list!!

  8. Fantasyland sounds pretty darn good! Mine would consist of no wake up time...and living at a nice sunny beach 365 days of the year. A small simple house that always miraculously cleaned itself and fresh good food to eat - that I never had to cook of course. No money worries. oh, and the ability transport myself to any other place at any time sounds pretty good too!

  9. I would really love to be in your Fantasy Land. I could use ALL of the above. :)

  10. Can I just say DITTO to all of your fantasty land wishes!?? Hope your baby is feeling better soon!

  11. It's so good to dream.... {*sob!*}


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