Monday, September 5, 2011

Walk on the Wild Side

"You're wiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllddddddddddddd!" she calls out, throwing her head back, her eyes smiling even brighter than the one on her face.

Oh wait. Whoops falling into an '80s movie memory. It's such an easy slope to slip 'n slide. Wild animals. That's why we're here.

@NorthWestMommy from The Good Life has us listing up all things wild and animal like.  And I'm listing along!

Sometimes the animal just needs a tasty treat.

Sometimes they just need a cuddle.

Sometimes it's about location, location, location.

Sometimes you give a hand some paint & the wild develops on the page.

Sometimes the wild animal and the wild child meet, greet, and merge.

Sometimes that wild owl turns on the charm and tops the cake.

Sometimes even owls fall from grace, get all angry bird, and meet the snack platter, looking all tasty.

Sometimes the wild migrates to the classroom and lands its victims in detention.  Don't you forget about me, don't don't don't don't.... Whoops, on that '80s movie slip 'n slide again!  I've got it under control now, I swear.

Sometimes the wild world reminds us it's all about the love.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Sometimes the animal world, wild or domesticated, reminds us it really is okay to trust.

Sometimes a walk on the wild side can bring you right back home.

It's Labor Day here in the States and all of us are home today, from school, from work, from shuttling kidlets back and forth.

We began our day with some cuddles and a whole lotta giggles.  Hubs whipped up breakfast for all of us and we've enjoyed a nice leisurely morning.  It's been a fantastic three day weekend here.  What have you been up to?


  1. Good thing I have my two little girls here with me to cuddle and hug, because after seeing this post that's all I want to do! How wonderful :) What a heart-warming post for this holiday weekend! Thank you!

  2. What ADORABLE pics- but I am loving that first one the most

  3. That's a really cute owl dress up suit.. love the one on the "angry bird" watermelon treat too.

  4. Gotta, GOTTA love the breakfast club! My all time favorite :)

  5. Who is...Jennifer Grey as "Baby" in the movie Dirty Dancing! I'll take 80's movie trivia for $100, Alex! ;)

    Love your wild show girlfriend!

  6. Love all the pictures! My favorite might be the owl cake though. Super cute. :)

  7. Love all those cuddly photos! But I am partial to the owls :)
    Hope you had a great labor day weekend!

  8. adorable list, every single one of these pictures were just TOO cute!

  9. I love all these pictures but I think my favorite is the first one with the turtle.

  10. Hey Karen! Love your post (as always!) And ya snagged Rogers huh! WTG girl!!!!!!!!!! My goodness, if we are gonna play together, we don't have much time to draft a team. I am playing with John's work crew, and have a story for you there! All John wanted was Brady and I vowed to take him as our first pick, even though it went against my better judgement. We were 6th pick, and would you know Vick was drafted 1st, Rogers 3rd and - wait for got it, Brady 5th! I thought John was going to kill the guy who took him! Ended up with Chris Johnson after a minute of sheer sweat & panic! lol Anyways, thank God football is back!!! xOxO Good luck to your team! (FF, Not the Seahawks! (hehehe!)

  11. Love the pictures but my favorite is the turtle!

    And that first line? GREAT movie!


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