Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Writing Hood: Good Geek

Kirk may have set his sights on the second star to the right with a thousand trysts along the way, but I’m on a quest to find one molecular being to journey with.

Looking for intelligence, multi-dimensional thinking, a love of puzzles, games, adventure, science, a spark for fantasy, and a crew for annual voyages to Comic-Con and Disneyland.

Do Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Farscape, Dr. Who, Whedon, Hawking, D&D, and EVE Online speak your language?  Do you skip the mall and click your way to New Egg, Think Geek, and Gamestop when holiday shopping?  I do!

If you embrace SciFi, rather than Syfy, I have new shiny game pads just waiting to be broken in.  Come find a cosmic connection, set your coordinates and byte me at:

Write on Edge has asked us to write a personal ad, looking for love this week.  None of the characters I'm working with would place such an ad, so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to a new one: Corie!

While I do love me a good geek and my science fiction, I'm not a full fledged one (hence, fictional character). Though I do know enough to take this further into the Land o' Geek, I didn't want to loose the non-geeks and/or pop-geeks.  But, I had fun with it!  Think Corrie can make a cosmic connection?


  1. If you start getting emails from my husband, do let me know...

  2. I was about to respond, but I embrace SyFy just as much as SciFi lol! Which reminds me... I haven't caught this week's episode of Eureka yet...

  3. Ha ha ha "set your coordinates and byte me at..." Love!

    Most of this is beyond me, so I know I'm not a match, but I like it. It's light-hearted and fun :)

  4. Clever! And I got all your pop culture references - something I rarely do these days ;)

  5. I think you just wrote my personal ad! Just need to add football to that list :)

  6. I want to hang out with her or him?

  7. This is such fun! I love that you don't want to be a blip on the his radar screen of love. Yes, I really had a guy tell me once that I was a bright blip of his radar screen of love. I told him that he wasn't in my flight plan.

  8. This is LAUGH out loud: funny! Great share, sweet one!

  9. Love it! All those geeky details make this the perfect geek personal ad. Nice job!


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