Monday, August 22, 2011

Week Two

The alarm sounded at 5:35 this morning and we began week two, Back to School.

Week 2?!  Already?!  W.O.W.

Pardon the state of the photo, I was having camera issues...more like I was the issue the camera wasn't having! And the kidlets were done with me gettin' all paparazzi on them to wait for me to have a session of deep introspective photo therapy. ;>

Back to School is full of milestones this year.  My wee girl, who's not so 'wee' anymore had her very first day of school last week.  I really need to have a talk with Mother Nature and/or Father Time, because truly, the time has gone by so fast, much faster than it should.

For over six months, she's talked about getting a 'Tangled' backpack (aka from Disney's movie, Tangled).  I kept warning her that we would have to wait & see if Target was selling a Tangled one this year.  And thank goodness, there was one pink & lavender backpack with oodles of Disney Princesses on it, including Rapunzel from that treasured movie!

So, Father Time, Mother Nature, when and why did you speed up time?!  My boy ditched the character backpack for the first time this year, opting for one with lots of pockets and a padded back.  And he was only interested in "cool" clothes for school.  Oh and they had to have patterns on them;  no preppy polo shirts for him.  We compromised.  He got to pick out some "cool" new clothes and I get to pick out the outfit for picture day.  A Mama's gotta reserve some rights to the cuteness, right?!

We had a rockin' awesome (I'm no longer 'borrowing' that phrase from my kidlet, I'm just outright stealing it now!) first week and we're into the second.  Unfortunately, I suspect Father Time and Mother Nature will continue to be up to their ol' tricks, speeding time along.



  1. Time is flying at my house too. JDaniel has a Spiderman backpack. I dread the day he get old enough to be cool.

    Thank you so much for linking up to the Back to School Traditions link up!

  2. Aww, I know, we are in week two now! My boy just runs right in the classroom like its nothing! My alarm goes off at 5:35 also....allowing me one 10 min. snooze if I need it. LOL. Glad things are smooth sailing!

  3. That picture of your kids is so funny. I kept getting distracted & had to read your post twice.

    I'll probably forget the camera & not document these types of milestones. They'll appreciate the Mamarazzi when they get older.

  4. I love the photo! My 5 year old loves the movie, Tangled too. I can't believe you guys are in week two of back to school already!

    I agree. Mother Nature flies by the seat of her pants and goes a little too fast for my liking. Not looking forward to Little B's first day:(

  5. LOVE this photo!! Seriously.

  6. What a trip down memory lane this was for me! It's been a few years since son has been out of school but I still remember his first days way back when... poignant!

  7. Congrats, your kids are off to learn and explore. It is amazing to think back and it feels like only yesterday we were changing their diapers. Great back to school story.

  8. It hurts my heart how fast they grow up! I love this picture.

  9. 5:35...ouch! Thats early! Have a good school year!

  10. How adorable! We start kindergarten here as well. I can't take it, my heart is breaking that my first baby is growing up!

    Did I read right on twitter that her tooth fell out as well? Congrats for that milestone but I'm sure you agree with me, I'm not ready!

    Love the backpacks!

  11. YOU are just SUCH a fabulous mommy! I NEVER tire of shots from the rear of the kidlets "walking" action - so cute! If it's any comfort, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE TWO SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN! YOU are in the big league not, for SURE! Enjoy, sweet friend - ENJOY!

  12. My daughter starts school on Monday. She ditched the character backpack after Kindergarten and will only wear fancy clothes now.

    And waking up at 5:35? Why oh why so early?


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