Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge: Everyday Objects

I've missed the last few months of The Sketchbook Challenge, so I'm diving back in, getting in on August's theme, Everyday Objects, before the month is officially over!

Now, I know peeps say that everyone can draw, but truly it's not my forte.  The martini glass for #SummerSmashed is pretty much the extent of my current drawing skills.

But, I saw so much drawing for this month's theme, what was I to do?!  I know...

Sketchbook Challenge - My Everyday Objects

Instead of drawing Everyday Objects, I used Everyday Objects!  I used saran wrap, aluminum foil, paper towel and duct tape.  Now, how everyday are those?!

Background Texture
(Yes, I know the colors are quite different here. They are the same page.  At the top, the sun was behind the journal and just above, it was in direct sunlight.  The pic at the top showed the writing better, but the pic above is a truer representation of color, though still not dead on.)

Using crumpled saran wrap, I pounced on both turquoise and teal dye inks.  I used both squished up paper towel and saran wrap to pounce on Distress Ink.  And then I used balled up tin foil, dipped in aquamarine and lagoon blue acrylic paint.

When I went for the duct tape, I came across a roll in red that I used some time ago to repair my kidlet's ripped red folding chair.  I'm glad I kept it.  I cut in a small amount and then tore it the rest of the way, leaving a stringy edge.  And a white paint pen & red Sharpie finished it up.

It's an art journal, there are no rules and I made the theme work for me.  Plus, there's nothing I like more than getting ink and paint on my hands.  It reminds me the rest of the day, that I had fun today! :>

When was the last time you played?



  1. pretty fun girlie...I just played with some paint the other day:)

  2. I pick up random craft project here and there, which feels like play to me. My latest craze is learning how to make jewelry out of string. I know. I'm crazy.

    PS I am following you on twitter via flgirlnewlife.

  3. Clever use of everyday objects! I love using Sharpies and duct tape! :)

  4. Ooh, I love the red duct tape! Glad to see you're back in the Sketchbook challenge.

  5. I love your art! What's cool are all the different textures, in addition to the colors you used. Frankly I do not do enough of this type of thing, but I do have a couple home improvement projects on tap for the next couple months that involve some mod podging and staining and that sort of thing. I will let you know how it goes!!


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