Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lessons Learned

Mama’s Losin’ It

Writing along with Mama Kat (or the ever hip M. Kitty ;>) today with prompt #4:  10 Lessons your child could teach you.  Except, I read it as 10 Lessons my children HAVE TAUGHT me, so I'm rolling with that!

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1)  The Himalayas, Gobi Desert, Atlantic Ocean, the woods, and Mt. Everest are all in the hallway running between the bedrooms and with the simple aide of a cool hat, an adventure can be had.

2)  Whispering children never ever means that they know it's only six in the morning or that you haven't had your cuppa java yet or that it's been a long day and your head feels like it's about to explode.  But, until the events that the whispering children pan out, you never know if they're calculating trouble or a delightful surprise.

3)  Lego bricks multiply faster than rabbits OR Tribbles!

4)  Grocery stores need not work so hard on their displays.  If a Mama comes in with a kidlet, that kidlet will do all the upselling for said grocery store.

5)  Growth spurts only occur after updating a kidlet's wardrobe or buying them a brand new shiny pair o' shoes.

6)  A body pillow makes a grand stage and a comforter can hide the puppeteers as they perform their puppet show and that a simple Kleenex will turn a stuffed animal puppet into a ghost.

7)  Thoroughly cleaning a kidlet's room will reveal a treasure trove of forgotten toys and socks.  Lots and lot of socks.  Who knew a sock could be a bookmark?  Or a car holder?  Or end up between a mattress and a boxspring?!  (I just feel bad for the poor ol' washing machine getting blamed all these years!)

8)  A big brother can protect a little sister from the scary bits in a Disney movie even better than Mom or Dad can.

9)  Cliches about how fast kidlets grow beome a staple of a parent's vocabulary.

10)  And a kidlet's smile can so entirely change how a whole day looks.

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  1. These are great! Some of them we have experienced but others are in our future. And I loved hearing about what to expect.

  2. I love these! #7 is especially true. I'm always amazed at just how many socks end up under bunkbeds and in toy chests!
    And #3... Legos absolutely DO multiply!!!!

    I love it. So fun and full of smiles.

  3. Ah... the grocery store. Why is it that we end up buying things we never remembered putting in our cart?

  4. 7-Our son's just learning the joy of reorganization right now! For example, his grandma found a harmonica in her purse after she watched him Tuesday evening. And his ball pit? Well, that was made for hidden storage, obviously!

    10-So true, and one of the sweetest truths of parenting!

  5. I can't agree more with #5. It's amazing how fast kids grow!!!

  6. Love this list!! And totally agree with the Lego thing ;)

  7. Great list of "lessons!" They hold true for us here at casa take2mommy. My house is carpeted in Lego. And truly, nothing can brighten my day like a big fat smile on my kid's face :)

  8. As much as I loved Legos as a kid, I am not looking forward to sharing that love with Klaw! They are dangerous. I feel so sorry for my poor mom's feet. Kids rarely step on them...

  9. Yes! The socks! And I am always so ridiculously happy to find them - reuniting socks = highlight of my day.

    And the smiles. Always the smiles.

  10. Yes all of these. I always leave the store with way more than I expected to buy and usually it's because of a small person.

  11. Fantastic! Some of these are familiar in our own household, and some give me a glimpse of things to come. Thanks for this interpretation of the prompt!

  12. Hey Stranger! So good to see you still writing, and these are great!!!!!!!Esp #7!!!
    Soooo, the Niners, don't get me started. I kinda liked the idea of Culpepper and now McCown? WTH! It's gotta be tough to see Hasselbeck playing for Tennessee!What a strange year already!

  13. AMEN, girl! Adorable and TRUE observations to ponder: LOVE IT! {YOU are such a wonderful mama!}


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