Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday { Flash Mob } Fun

Thanks to that commercial with the man in the train station who mistakenly begins his flash mob dance at the wrong time, I recently learned that Hubs & I do not share a love for flash mobs.

And to clarify which side of The Great Flash Mob Divide li'l ol' me falls on....I {heart} them!!!  Nope, never done one.  But, I absolutely Love watching them.  Thank goodness for YouTube!

Join me in my YouTube Flash Mob watching addiction, won't you?! :>

Sound of Music's Do Re Mi sends me zoomin' back down memory lane, visiting all those years I've watched.  And it's even better now that I can share it with my own kidlets.

I'm such a sucker for a musical...on stage, in the theater, on the's no wonder I've watched this one a few times now.

Have you seen this one yet?

Can't think of a better way to send the splendid San Francisco off and head to Hawaii.  (Though Frisco is near, Hawaii, I've never seen.)

There are flash mobs for fun, to promote events, tv shows, musical artists, products, and...

...some great causes!  Love the ones with school kids taking a stand against bullying.

I did mention I'm a sucker for a musical, right?!

Well, I am.  Which makes it such a shocker that I came to Glee after the first season.  Though I was late to the party, I never want to leave.

So, I've caught up with Glee a la Netflix and am watching The Glee Project on Hulu.

Annnnndddd......since Glee: the 3D Concert Movie comes out today, I'm leaving you with this:

Do you Gleek out?!  Will you be at the theater?  Are you waiting on season 3?  Are your playlists filled with music from the Glee cast?

And if you love to see a flash mob get their groove or their song on, if it brings a smile, please talk to me & lend some weight to happy side of The Great Flash Mob Divide! ;>


  1. YOU are SO adorable - WHAT an outstanding share! I am TOTALLY in "your" club! XOXO!

  2. Perfect Friday fare! Thanks for tall the tunes and smiles today via FLASH mob!

  3. How did I not know Glee was out in the theaters today? and for 2 weeks only? I have a 10 month old; still nursing; I am sure husband doesn't want to see this movie,I am living on the road right now...looks like I might see a movie solo! :)

  4. This was so great! I love music more than words can describe. It moves me so much. I so want to be part of a flash mob some day. Lol. For now, I will enjoy the 2 showings of the Glee 3D Concert Movie that I'll be attending this week. :) ~Patrice


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