Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 Places I Love To Be

Lists! I used to be a huge list girl growing up, but in the last half a dozen years, I seem to have given them up (sort of, but that's a whole other post!).  But what a rockin' awesome way to give list making a linking up with Stasha, from The Good Life, along with many peeps who's blogs are fun to visit!

10 Places I Love

1)  Vancouver, British Columbia
One of the locales the husband & I honeymooned at. And after gallery hopping, we selected our wedding present to each other, a piece of original art.

2)  Victoria, British Columbia
Yup, another stop on our honeymoon.  Victoria is simply magical and we both want to revisit these beautiful cities again.

3)  Home
My family, our very loud kitty, hugs, smiles, laughter, and of course, creature comforts can all be found under this roof.

4)  Pacific Ocean
I love an escape to the ocean, specifically any beaches from Northern California and up.  I love the rugged beauty of our coast and visits to it are exquisitely peaceful and relaxing.

5)  Fort Bragg & Mendocino
Same as #4, but getting even more specific.  It's here that we love to travel to for our anniversaries.

6)  Here, Time Crafted & online!
Simply put, this is where I get to connect with so many awesome peeps, like you! :>

7)  Bookstores
Have to admit, I was quite bummed when Borders began closing their doors.  There's still Barnes & Noble and a local chain of book stores to fill the need.  Yes, need.  Not only do I love getting lost in a story, but I love books themselves.  I love the paper, the binding, the dust jackets, the typeface.  All of it makes me smile.  (All of it, except figuring out where else to put them in my house...I ran out of room a Long time ago!)

8)  The countryside surrounding my town.
I love a country drive.  My kidlets love country drives.  We love riding in silence.  We love chatting along our drive.  We love cranking up a favorite CD, as the ground passes beneath our tires.  And I love, love, love hearing my kidlets remark on how lucky we are to live somewhere so beautiful.

9)  Anywhere with my Four Musketeers.
Best friends.  Sisters.  Trips to Disneyland without little ones.  'Nuff said.

10)  In a Hug.
I'm a hugger. With Hubs, with my kidlets, with my friends.  (Don't worry, if you're not a hugger, I totally get that too! :>)

Now, that felt good to be reminded of and revisit so many places my heart loves to be.  Totally smile worthy!  Where do love to be?

I love books! I don't hesitate to buy new ones, they are better than a manicure, a massage, or a couple of javas.  And while all other links in this post are to others' blogs or my own, the bookstore link is an affiliate link.


  1. I have a soft spot for bookstores too! Now that the nearest one to me, Borders, is closing, I guess I should search out some indie bookstores.

  2. We just visited the ocean at Monterey and it was cold but it was fun. Love the beach. I also love the bookstore. My fav is Barnes and Noble so I'm good until they go out of business.

  3. What a lovely list. Wonderful to have you join us!
    After reading quite a few lists tonight I am happy to see we all treasure the little places that have a special meaning to us. I have never been to Victoria but it is on our not to distant future list.

  4. Wait just one minute--adults can go to Disney without children? You mean, it's possible to go there and actually have fun? That's crazy!

  5. We used to live in Victoria for a couple of years, and it was amazing - so many flowers and the weather was awesome! It's a special little corner of Canada. I had bookstores on my list, too! I love them!!

  6. I love bookstores too. There is something peaceful about them.

  7. huge bookstore lover here, too; not sure why i didn't include it on my own list!

  8. Your list made me's so happy! Even though I'm not really a hugger (except with my kids and husband) ;)

  9. Hey Karen! I am horrible, I know!I never am on here or Twitter anymore, WTH!!!!!! I need to get back, esp since football season is here. Speaking of, the Niners, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Love your list - all of them!!!!! Wait, I don't see Candlestick on there! haaaaa!! Thanks for your sweet comment! I will try to be online more! xoxo

  10. Nice list. I went to Vancouver once, years ago and also drove down the coast of the Pacific Northwest on that same trip. I absolutely love that whole area and hope to get back again someday.

  11. Completely agree with the coast of CA- love it! Bookstores are pretty good too- I could get lost in there & never want to leave.

  12. I hope to one day make it to the Pacific! And I love all the nice things people have to say about BC. Sigh, one day!

  13. Where do I love to be? Humm...any place that is familiar to me! The curse of the military wife, I think! I love "home", Krispy Kreme when they are hot, on my couch with my laptop and wifi, snuggled with a kiddo. :)

  14. We love to hang out in Barnes and Noble. The train table is JDaniel's favorite place to be.

  15. I love the ocean and bookstores, too! Great list!


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