Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Worth the Click: {Fabby New Site}

Do you want to be inspired?  Do you want inspiration to look you in the eye in your own home, studio, or favorite creative space?  Lucky for you, there's a fantastic new site from which you can take some of that yummy inspiration home with you! 

Traveling Mama has been a source of inspiration, serenity, adventure, and delight for me for awhile now.  She also co-authors Traveling Tribe, documenting her family and their adventures & lives in foreign lands (to me!).  Currently, she is living in a land where I am rumored to have some ancestors from (among many other lands):  Denmark. 

Here is the latest place where you can find Traveling Mama & her Tribe and bring some of their travels home with you!

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Check out Flying House Studios, be inspired, bring something home, say 'hello', and then come back here tomorrow for another great Worth the Click! :>

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  1. Definitely worth the click! Thanks for sharing!


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