Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrating {Life} & Independence Day

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Wishing all of my friends in the United States a very

Happy 4th of July!

Guess what greeted Hubby when he was checking on our veggie garden last night?!  This beautiful and scrumptious organic crooked neck squash literally popped off when he moved a large leaf to see what might be growing!  We were already roasting some organic zucchini (purchased, as our zucchini are still growing), so we added this beauty!  You can't get more Garden to Table than that!!

{Life} is my One Little Word for 2010 and this beautiful veggie is a product of part of what and why I chose {Life} as my word this year.  The whole family has been in on this veggie garden, from planting it, to tending & watering it, to now harvesting & eating from it.  We are growing life, living life, and personally, loving the life that this small garden is bringing into our lives as a family.

Hubby will be barbequeing later today and even later, we will pull the telescope out to stargaze and watch some of the high fireworks set off for the show at the high school from our backyard.  What fun have you been having this weekend?  And if this is your holiday too, what does it hold for you?


  1. What a beauty of a crookneck squash:)
    Love your new blog look and the wonderful statement on your blog header...

    Happy day!

  2. Oh, my sweet Kare! What PERFECTION! I'm so delighted for your adorable little family and the beauty of a "family garden!" You inspire and amaze me! I'm SO glad you shared this lovely squash and your beautiful observations... about {Life!}!

    Happy 4th, m'dear!

  3. Amen to all of that! Happy fourth sweet friend. Enjoy your family time today!!

  4. yum!
    i have been kind of a ghost in blogville these days
    but i am getting back to regular visiting
    thanks for dropping by my blog today
    i enjoyed the pleasure of your visit and reminder that i haven't been here
    i like the new banner!


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